Monday, October 7, 2013

Weekend Recap-Sh*tter's Full


You know a good weekend recap is good when it starts with a line from Christmas Vacation.

So let's back up...

Friday...we ran an errand, came home and ate dinner, put Coop to bed, and had a little date night (in) and watched This is the End.

Don't waste your time and $$

2 hours of my life I will never get back. 

It. Was. Horrible.

Danny McBride acts like an asshole (par for the course for his characters). It wasn't funny at all. 

Cool-you guys can smoke pot and get high. 

Move along...

So I had to work on Saturday. After I got off work we went to the grocery store, played with Coop, make dinner, put Coop to bed, yadda yadda yadda. 

We had plans to take Coop to the zoo Sunday morning. 

We wake up Sunday morning at 6-a-freaking-clock because Cooper went all FGL on us like...


And we were like,"Cooper it's Sunday don't you wanna sleep in?"

And he was like: 

Duck Dynasty for the win

So we wake up and Jon says AND I QUOTE, "Cooper must have shit everywhere. It smells AWFUL even in here!"

I get up and open our bedroom door to a HORRIBLE smell. 

Change Coop who was dirty but not the smell we were smelling.

Took Reggie out and it smelt HORRIBLE outside.

I go back in and Jon says, "Babe..the toilet won't flush..."

I'm like ah hell....

I go back outside to make a phone call and my neighbors across the street come out and ask to use our restroom because they are having plumbing problems....

so I call the water company...just then the smell hits like a ton of bricks and we look outside and sewage is trickling down the street...

We pack up Coop and go to drive him to my mom and dad's and the water company guy is standing in our street looking like this...only in work clothes...


Needless to say---we didn't make it to the zoo. 

We're exhausted.

It's Monday--which is the highlight from the weekend!

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