Friday, October 4, 2013

There's an app for that!!

One thing I struggled with in becoming a mom was keeping up with the house. I felt I was always lacking. Lacking organization, motivation..and...well..time.

One of the girls on my birth month board suggested the Motivated Moms app. YOU. GUYS.

It changed my life.

Don't let the name fool you. It isn't just for moms. In fact-you can turn off the settings regarding children. It also has built in Bible readings daily (which I turned off because I do my devotionals every day.)

You can personalize as many tasks as you want (if you buy the $2.99 version--DO IT.)

Here was my Thursday..and yes it even has "Clean out brushes and combs". AMAZING.

Here is the setup screen. You can add tasks with the "custom tasks" option. You can even assign tasks to people and share them via text messages/email/Facebook/etc.


Another app I'm crushing on is the My Coupons app. Again-I bought the full version. 

You can scan your barcode on the coupon and well....


I know I know...impressive! What's more impressive is that it lists them by expiration date and you can set it up to alert you the week before things expire. 

Be still, my heart.

My house is cleaner, we're saving money..and I have more time to do things!


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