Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Cooper Joseph- 8 months

Every time I write one of these I am amazed at how fast time is going!!

Trying to get him to sit still for 2 seconds to get a picture is almost impossible now!

Clothing: 6-9 months
Diapers: , size 2--once we are finished with this box we're moving up to size 3
Height: Not sure-no wellness check this month
Weight: ^^^^^^
Teeth: Still just has the bottom two but we swear that his bottom eye teeth are getting ready to pop through-we've been able to see them for probably 2 weeks now

Milestones: full fledged crawling, starting to pull up on things, started to try to chew his food, says "Ma", "Dad", and "Re" (Reggie) and means it!!

Likes: Mickey Mouse, his babysitter, playing peek a boo, crawling, Reggie, Mama and Daddy
Dislikes: being sleepy, being redirected from what he isn't supposed to be doing (i.e. playing with cords)

He's such a ham!!

After a weekend from hell sleep wise, Coop slept 13 hours straight one night. He woke up feeling like this---and so did Mama!
So I got a text message that a good friend is pregnant and I said,"Cooper...aunt Ash is having a baby! You're going to have a baby cousin!" annnd this is what he did. Be still my heart.

Sending a picture to Daddy while he's at work

Grandma bought Cooper a blow up ball pirate ship...after he realized how to climb in and out of it he was all about it!

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