Tuesday, September 24, 2013

"Let me love you through this life"--Weekend Recap

This weekend was AMAZING...much much needed!!

Saturday I had to work but managed to cut out 1.5 hours early (which ended up being a great thing!). 

I came home and loved on my boys-then packed Coop's stuff up, got myself ready, and dropped Coop off at my parents for the night so Jon and I could have our date night we've been planning for months!

Jason Aldean concert? Don't mind if I do!

We FINALLY met up with our friends for a quick bite to eat around 4:00 (Thank you, traffic.). After that, we headed to the parking lot to tailgate.

We headed into the concert just before Thomas Rhett (Adkins) took the stage. After he was done, Kara and I swore we had time to run to the bathroom before Jake Owen came out. Now--I've been to a million concerts in my day (Okay I lie-but probably 100-150.) I've never ever been to a concert where there wasn't at least 15-20 minutes between the first two acts. Mind. Blown.

Jake Owen was amazing! Love me some Barefoot Blue Jean Night!!

And Jason was...well...Jason! He was amazing as always!!

We had such a blast! We actually had pavilion tickets but ended up staying in the lawn the whole concert to be with our friends--so worth it! :)

Date night!

me with my best guy friend, Kyle

Everyone's phones lighting up the sky...so pretty!

Sunday was spent doing the normal-plenty of time with my boys, grocery shopping, laundry, and...

watching the Colts beat the Niners!!!

Holy crap on a cracker!!

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