Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Cooper Joseph--Recapping months 6 & 7

My little man has changed SOO much in the last two months! (Going on three!)

-He is now in 6 month and 6-9 month clothes. 
-He has two teeth and is working on at least one more. 
-He says "Ma" and "Da" with meaning...not just babbling. He's also started to say, "Re" when he sees Reggie. 
-He is starting to pull up to standing on his own. 
-He can go from laying down to sitting on his own. 
-He is now eating pureed baby food 3 times a day. He is still eating between 27-30 oz of formula a day-he eats less often though. He may eat 6-7 oz every 4-5 hours instead of 4 oz every 3. 
-Naps are still hit and miss but he generally does well with them.
-Night time is still going well 99% of the time. But they aren't joking about sleep regression when learning something new. No joke-he learned to crawl on a Wednesday evening...Wednesday night he was up for 2 hours 2 separate times crawling around in his crib laughing at himself. Silly boy!!

I never talked about this before on the blog and to be honest-this was part of the reason for my hiatus. We had to find a new sitter. Actually-this is our third. Our first one watched Coop from the beginning and I realized one day that they just weren't jiving. It hit me one day after some things were said regarding Cooper and what type of baby he was. I left that day knowing I wasn't taking him back there. No more needs to be said about it other than that because it just makes me cry that I waited so long.

My best friend Cort's sister started watching Coop for us at our house, but she's been having some health problems and wasn't able to watch him for us which sucked because he loved her and the feeling was mutual. :) The first evening home with him after Hal started watching him we noticed a huge temperment change in Cooper...he seemed so much happier. I realized at that moment that I made the right choice in switching sitters.

We are on our third week with our current sitter and I love her....more importantly, Cooper loves her and she loves Cooper. He kisses her bye when we leave at night. And I love hearing the way she talks to him-so much nicer than what I had heard before...the other day I got out of my car to pick him up and I heard him laughing from outside. Talk about heart warming. This morning when I dropped him off he started fussing (Mondays suck for us.) and as I was walking out I heard her say to him,"Hey Coop d Coop (yes-she has her own nick name for him) you can't cry for your mama...she got you all weekend it's my turn now!!" It was so sweet. I heard him giggle and all was well. It's so nice! Fingers crossed third time is the charm!!

That about sums up what's been going on with Cooper Jo!

Another update will be coming in a few weeks for his 8th month update...and expect a post in the future about his first birthday party plans!!

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