Monday, September 30, 2013

Weekend Review-Possum Attack, Lack of sleep, && Love Italian Style

Happy Monday ya'll...not going to lie...I'm not sad to see this weekend wasn't a blast that's for sure!

Our house was sans husband this weekend as Jon had a bachelor party in St. Louis this weekend. 

Friday night I woke up at 3:30 to this weird sound outside and Reggie was FLIP-PING out. All of a sudden I hear this screech and Cooper starts screaming for me. I go in there..well..I tried..Reggie was already busting past me to get to Cooper. Coop is standing in his crib screaming and looking at the window. It was dark obviously so I couldn't see anything but when I opened the blinds whatever was outside got pretty pissed off and snarled at me. Reggie starts barking and trying to get to the window. 

I ended up letting him outside and he comes back with something in his mouth and sat it next to the front door like a was a dead possum. My big 97 lb pansy dog killed a possum for scaring Cooper. Coop kept going "Re!! Re!!" (Reggie in Cooper talk) It took me 2 solid hours to get Cooper to sleep again. We slept in until 8 Saturday morning. Mind you I didn't fall asleep until 2 Saturday morning just to get woke up at 3:30. I slept a very rough 3-4 hours of sleep broken up. 

Saturday Coop and I went shopping with my mom. I bought him some new clothes and ate lunch at Panera. We came home and Coop took a 2 hour nap on the couch. 

Cut to Saturday night-Coop went down easily...again, I couldn't sleep....4:30 I am woken up (after sleeping 2 hours) and he is screaming again....but not for me...for Reggie. I send Reg in there and they both go back to sleep. He was up and ready to go at 7. Dyyyying.

Sunday he napped for 1.5 hours and then went down fairly easily. This morning-he was up at 5:30. So yeah, I got more sleep than the last two nights but holy crap...8 month sleep regression can bite me. :) Hopefully a normal fun day at the sitter will help him get back into his sleep loving routine!

In other news, I preordered Love Italian Style by Melissa Gorga because...well..if you know me, I love Real Housewives...especially Melissa..her and Tamra from the OC are my favorite housewives ever.
I thought over all the book was good-it was a quick and easy read. One thing that did drive me a little crazy was the repetitiveness of the content. I know it was to reiterate her beliefs but I felt very much like the repetitiveness could have been cut out and the book would have been even better. 

The book had some good marital advice, in my opinion. She spoke about how if you "date" your husband, your husband will always be your boyfriend as well as your husband. Meaning if you make a point to make your marriage as fun and interesting as you did when you were dating then your marriage will stay fun and interesting...which I totally agree. I feel it is very important to continue to date Jon and I try very hard to do so. 

I also thought it was interesting when she wrote about their hardship during the recession. It really put into perspective how bad they were actually hurting and how they handled it. 

The only issue I had with the book was the very very VERY traditional submissive/dominance in the book. A few examples: 

-She has to be home by the time her husband is home. Once she went to CVS and wasn't home when he got home from work and he was pissed. 
-He expects dinner ready when he's home. A hot meal or he's not too happy.
-He wants sex he gets sex. Even if she says no...because according to Joe..every woman really means yes when she says no so just "turn her around and take her clothes off.."...I think that's known as rape, Joe. 

I was all for the book until I finished the last few chapters just a few minutes before I opened this laptop. I can't deal with the whole sex topic in the book. Good for them if it works but the book is supposed to be about marital're advising husbands to not take "no" for an answer when it comes to sex. 

I've been reading reviews on the book too and a lot of people who reviewed the book are in agreement with me in response to the sex topic. 


Stay tuned the next few weeks!! We have some fun dates planned-both couples and family dates! Also-we have family pictures coming up soon! And Halloween! 

Yay yay yay!!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Cooper Joseph--Recapping months 6 & 7

My little man has changed SOO much in the last two months! (Going on three!)

-He is now in 6 month and 6-9 month clothes. 
-He has two teeth and is working on at least one more. 
-He says "Ma" and "Da" with meaning...not just babbling. He's also started to say, "Re" when he sees Reggie. 
-He is starting to pull up to standing on his own. 
-He can go from laying down to sitting on his own. 
-He is now eating pureed baby food 3 times a day. He is still eating between 27-30 oz of formula a day-he eats less often though. He may eat 6-7 oz every 4-5 hours instead of 4 oz every 3. 
-Naps are still hit and miss but he generally does well with them.
-Night time is still going well 99% of the time. But they aren't joking about sleep regression when learning something new. No joke-he learned to crawl on a Wednesday evening...Wednesday night he was up for 2 hours 2 separate times crawling around in his crib laughing at himself. Silly boy!!

I never talked about this before on the blog and to be honest-this was part of the reason for my hiatus. We had to find a new sitter. Actually-this is our third. Our first one watched Coop from the beginning and I realized one day that they just weren't jiving. It hit me one day after some things were said regarding Cooper and what type of baby he was. I left that day knowing I wasn't taking him back there. No more needs to be said about it other than that because it just makes me cry that I waited so long.

My best friend Cort's sister started watching Coop for us at our house, but she's been having some health problems and wasn't able to watch him for us which sucked because he loved her and the feeling was mutual. :) The first evening home with him after Hal started watching him we noticed a huge temperment change in Cooper...he seemed so much happier. I realized at that moment that I made the right choice in switching sitters.

We are on our third week with our current sitter and I love her....more importantly, Cooper loves her and she loves Cooper. He kisses her bye when we leave at night. And I love hearing the way she talks to him-so much nicer than what I had heard before...the other day I got out of my car to pick him up and I heard him laughing from outside. Talk about heart warming. This morning when I dropped him off he started fussing (Mondays suck for us.) and as I was walking out I heard her say to him,"Hey Coop d Coop (yes-she has her own nick name for him) you can't cry for your mama...she got you all weekend it's my turn now!!" It was so sweet. I heard him giggle and all was well. It's so nice! Fingers crossed third time is the charm!!

That about sums up what's been going on with Cooper Jo!

Another update will be coming in a few weeks for his 8th month update...and expect a post in the future about his first birthday party plans!!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

"Let me love you through this life"--Weekend Recap

This weekend was AMAZING...much much needed!!

Saturday I had to work but managed to cut out 1.5 hours early (which ended up being a great thing!). 

I came home and loved on my boys-then packed Coop's stuff up, got myself ready, and dropped Coop off at my parents for the night so Jon and I could have our date night we've been planning for months!

Jason Aldean concert? Don't mind if I do!

We FINALLY met up with our friends for a quick bite to eat around 4:00 (Thank you, traffic.). After that, we headed to the parking lot to tailgate.

We headed into the concert just before Thomas Rhett (Adkins) took the stage. After he was done, Kara and I swore we had time to run to the bathroom before Jake Owen came out. Now--I've been to a million concerts in my day (Okay I lie-but probably 100-150.) I've never ever been to a concert where there wasn't at least 15-20 minutes between the first two acts. Mind. Blown.

Jake Owen was amazing! Love me some Barefoot Blue Jean Night!!

And Jason was...well...Jason! He was amazing as always!!

We had such a blast! We actually had pavilion tickets but ended up staying in the lawn the whole concert to be with our friends--so worth it! :)

Date night!

me with my best guy friend, Kyle

Everyone's phones lighting up the pretty!

Sunday was spent doing the normal-plenty of time with my boys, grocery shopping, laundry, and...

watching the Colts beat the Niners!!!

Holy crap on a cracker!!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Good ole Rocky Top....Rocky Top, Tennessee

Be ready for a photo overload!!

In the midst of my blogging vacation-Jon and I snuck away just the two of us for a few days to Gatlinburg, TN. We missed Cooper like CRAZY but it was so fun to enjoy some time with just us!

A sign above our deck door in the cabin---so true!!

Name of our cabin...very fitting!
The first day we drove down we got there around 3:00-after we got settled into the cabin we drove to Pigeon Forge and did a few things and shopped a bit!

Hollywood Wax Museum

Twinsies--I can't tell you how many people tell me I look like Kirsten Dunst.

Twerkin with Miley--sans foam fingers

Creeper!!-They had a display of horror movie starts cool!

Soulmates :)

Outside the Aquarium

I made a friend!

Stealin some sugar :)

Another museum we went to as part of our package

No big deal..

Shelbyville, Indiana is about 25 minutes away from me. Jon went to elementary school there and his family still lives in Shelby County. My uncle actually went to prom with Sandy Allen and I met her several times when I was little. She was a sweet heart.

Free Moonshine tasting for two parents without their baby for a few days? YEPPPPPP.

View of the city of Gatlinburg from our tram

Best guy

You can see the other tram in this picture

An actual part of the Berlin Wall

John Dillinger wax figure--if you zoom in you will see he is in prison in Crown Point, IN. He's also buried at the Crown Hill Cemetery in Indianapolis...your fun fact of the day!

Will the real Slim Shady please stand up?

Outside the Titanic museum (We weren't allowed to take pictures inside.)

We did a lot of walking on trails..and we found one we could drive too!

Stopping at a look out point on our driving trail

Beautiful marriage...beautiful scenery

We had so so so much fun! But I must say...I am more of a beach girl! The mountains are BEAUTIFUL and there was plenty to do but mama needs her butt on a beach STAT!!

I'll be back next week to recap our weekend and to get you up to speed on our little 7 (SEVEN??!?!?!?!?!) month old and what he's up to!

P.S. This one time..on Instagram..I pissed off Zac Brown and he blocked me. Yup.

Monday, September 16, 2013

A little blogging hiatus.

I've been MIA for the last half of the summer.

To be honest-I needed to take a step away and reevaluate where I wanted this blog to go...I've been wanting to increase my traffic here and I've been doing a lot of research as to how to do that.

One of the suggestions or ideas I read several times was to basically pick a topic. What am I interested in? What do I want my blog to be about? 

I started thinking about it. I mean-I'm a mom and I'm a wife. That's important to me. My main importance. I'm also a daughter, a sister, and a friend. I love to cook. I love to plan. I love to organize. I love to talk about sports. I love country music.

I love all of these things. All of these things make up who I am and what I want to write about...

so after a long six week break I decided to start this bloggy blog back up again.

But it's going to be a little bit of everything.

Some days are going to be about just life...

about Cooper...

about Jon and our marriage...

about our times out with our friends...

about Reggie...

about vacations...

about our house...

about our meals...

You get the idea.

So stop in and stay awhile!