Thursday, July 18, 2013

Car Organization

When it's just two adults organization isn't quite as important as it is when you have a child (or children).

My old car was a disaster 99.9% of the time...and I'm probably being a little lenient with the word "disaster".

Once I got my new beauty I promised myself that I would keep it clean and organized. 

I snapped a few pictures just to give you an idea of what the inside of my car looks like now:

This is my center console. It's not that big of a compartment, but I don't keep a lot in there. A few CDs (Hi, Jake Owen!), a trial size body spray (Be Enchanted) and lotion (Midnight Pomegranate).

Trash is easy to pile up in the car. I just threw a plastic sack onto my gear shift (much to Jon's dismay) and I change it out whenever it needs it.

Super fancy, huh?

In the backseat I have a spare umbrella, a window scraper, and a collapsable tote. In the tote is a spare blanket and burp rag for Cooper. 

Once he gets to be forward facing I'm going to use an organizer on the back of my seat, but since he wouldn't be able to use it now...there's no reason for it and it would just be unnecessary.

The trunk...empty..well..that's a lie. Jon's anniversary present is in there..which is why there is no picture...but NORMALLY it's empty! ;)

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