Friday, June 14, 2013

Transitioning to the Crib

Up until Cooper was 9 weeks old, he slept in a rock and play by our bed. It was the ONLY place he would sleep that wasn't on our chests.

I had read/heard horror stories about how awful transitioning to the crib was for babes who slept in rock n plays first. I was NERVOUS.

At 9 weeks we put him in there for his first night. He woke up for his bottle 4 hours later but wouldn't go back in the crib. This happened for two nights.

The next two nights he slept in the c4b after his first feeding in the middle of the night.


Well this was at 7:30 this can see he's starting to wake up:

I wish I had some fool-proof transitioning tips for you, but honestly...Cooper just kind of went with did we. 

Here is our bedtime routine though: 

7:15-bath time
7:30-stories and snuggles
7:45-8:00-swaddle, bottle, bed (with the Baby Got Colic album on)

Most nights he gets up once, if at all. But sometimes he has those rare nights where he's up a few times. Generally though-he sleeps really well. :)

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