Thursday, June 27, 2013

Newborn Musthaves

Top Row: 1, 2, 3
Bottom Row: 4, 5, 6

1. This was a MIRACLE. Much thanks to one of my NBs, Marisa for recommending this. Cooper sleeps to this every night.

2. Cooper LOVES this mat. He loves kicking the piano and pulling on the toys.

3. We use this every night before bed. 

4. Dr. Brown's are a Godsend in this house. Sure-they are more expensive coming in at $5/bottle, but it's SO worth it. We started off with some cheap bottles we were given at our shower. Our sitter actually introduced us to Doc Browns and we haven't looked back!

5. Coop had a lot of gas as a newborn and we used these drops and had good luck with them.

6. Up until 4 months, we swaddled Cooper at night. He seemed to sleep MUCH better than way. We have since weaned him out of them (er...stopped cold turkey actually) but definitely recommend them!

These are just a few of the things I loved! If you have any questions, let me know and I'll be happy to answer them.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Link Up: 10 Things I live for/can't live without

Linking up with Becky again!

10 here we go:

1. Cooper

Pretty obvious here. I love this little man more than anything. I couldn't imagine my life without him in it. 

2. My husband


 Again-pretty obvious here. I fall in love with Jon more and more every single day. He is my rock, my support, and my best friend.

3. Reggie Monster

"He's just a dog" will not be uttered in our house. He's the best dog ever. Ever ever ever. 

4. My friends

All of them. They are so special to me. I love them so much. 

5. My family

Needs to explanation.

6. My iPhone

Silly, I know but I'm addicted to this thing!

7. My Lovebugs

Cooper had it right being due in February. I met some AMAZING girls who I lovingly call my baby mamas. :)

8. My Nestie Besties

I met some awesome girls when planning our wedding that I still talk to frequently. I've even met/visited some of them! Love them!

9. My planner!

Judge away-but my color coded planner is my saving grace. 

10. Blogs

I love my blog. I love reading other people's blogs. And I can't wait to grow my blog more! 

Thursday, June 20, 2013

4 Months!

Check out this little stud!

Length & Weight-TBD at doctor's appointment
Diaper Size: just upgraded to size 2's
Onesies/shirts: 3-6 months
Pants: 0-3 months, 3 months

Milestones: We started cereal at night before bed. He looves it!!
-We've stopped using the swaddle blanket now. He's gotten too big for his small/medium ones and the larges were living on borrowed time, too. We stopped it cold turkey.
-He's rolled over belly to back numerous times now and back to belly several times as well!
-He's grown to LOOOOVE Mickey Mouse! Every morning while I'm getting ready for work he watches MMCH and hearing him laugh/cackle at it is hilarious...which brings me to...
-We have belly laughs!!

He's getting to be such a vivacious and lively little man! I adore this baby more and more every single day!!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Purge

Jon and I are big horror movie people. 

Actually-I'm the biggest culprit. 

I was SO excited to watch The Purge. 

We went to see it the first Saturday it was out during matinee (What? We're cheap!)

You guys. I was not a fan.

The basis of the movie was stellar! I had such high expectations.

The ending was beyond anticlimactic.

And I wanted to slap some sense into the son. 

The scariest part was the masks. 

I'm holding out some hope for The Animals movie that was on the previews before it though!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Bloggin with a Purpose Link Up

Today I'm taking part in Becky's link up-Who I Am.

I feel like this is a loaded topic for me but here we go....

I'm a mom. I'm a MOM. It's still weird saying that! I'm a mom still trying to figure things out every day. I'm a mom who doesn't follow the norm. I'm a mom who believes that what is right for your baby isn't always right for my baby. I'm a mom who loves night time snuggles before bed and morning smiles. I'm a mom who loves hearing the belly laughs and who celebrates every milestone. I'm a mom who dreams what my little man is going to be like as a toddler, child, teenager, and adult. 

I'm a wife. I'm a wife who believes is taking care of her husband. I'm a wife who thinks it's important to have her house clean and dinner made every night. I'm a wife who puts her husbands clothes away for him and who always makes her husband's plate before she makes her own. I'm a wife who still dates her husband. I'm a wife who thinks her husband is the funniest person on the planet. I'm a wife who still gets a big grin when her husband calls her at work or they get to have a lunch date.

I'm a daughter. I'm a daughter to the best parents ever. I'm a daughter to parents who taught me to stand up for what I believe. I'm a daughter to parents who make wonderful grandparents to Cooper.

I'm a sister. I'm a sister to a sister whom she loves more than life and a brother whom she wishes was around more. I'm a sister who loves that her sister is only a phone call away. I'm a sister who finds her older sister to be an amazing mom to her niece and nephews.

I'm an aunt. I'm an aunt to the best nieces and funnest nephews ever. I'm an aunt who never misses a birthday. I'm an aunt who loves Christmas shopping because she loves to spoil the kids (even though they're not kids anymore!).

I'm a friend. I'm a friend who is still trying to balance motherhood and not losing herself as a person. I'm a friend who loves deeply and cares a lot. I'm a friend who loves to laugh and loves to make memories.

I'm a million other things, including: blogger, shopaholic, sales person, country music lover, concert goer, reality TV junkie, organizer, planner, sports lover, Colts fan, fantasy football ass kicker, etc etc etc. Take your pick. :)

Friday, June 14, 2013

Transitioning to the Crib

Up until Cooper was 9 weeks old, he slept in a rock and play by our bed. It was the ONLY place he would sleep that wasn't on our chests.

I had read/heard horror stories about how awful transitioning to the crib was for babes who slept in rock n plays first. I was NERVOUS.

At 9 weeks we put him in there for his first night. He woke up for his bottle 4 hours later but wouldn't go back in the crib. This happened for two nights.

The next two nights he slept in the c4b after his first feeding in the middle of the night.


Well this was at 7:30 this can see he's starting to wake up:

I wish I had some fool-proof transitioning tips for you, but honestly...Cooper just kind of went with did we. 

Here is our bedtime routine though: 

7:15-bath time
7:30-stories and snuggles
7:45-8:00-swaddle, bottle, bed (with the Baby Got Colic album on)

Most nights he gets up once, if at all. But sometimes he has those rare nights where he's up a few times. Generally though-he sleeps really well. :)

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Singing to my hubby ;)

What? You don't sleep like this?

Happy baby!

Passed. Out. 

Toys that strap onto a car seat=love 

Monday, June 3, 2013

Family Pictures

I could go on and on with the 80+ we have of these but I'll spare you. :) I love our yellow/blue combo! And the ones with Reggie just melt my heart! We will do family pictures again around Christmas time for our cards. :) So excited!