Wednesday, May 15, 2013

"Your son has colic."

That's what we heard at the pediatrician's office when we took Cooper in at ten days because he had been crying, pretty much non stop for three days straight. In those three days he (and Jon and I) slept a TOTAL of six hours.


If Cooper's bottle was not in his mouth...he was screaming. Not crying. Oh no. SCREAMING. I'm talking red faced screaming here.

Now...I'm not even going to get on my colic soap box. I'm just not...but let's just say, I wasn't happy with the pediatrician's opinion and made an appointment with another pediatrician in the same office.

He took one look at Cooper (who was screaming during the entire appointment) and said,"He doesn't have colic. He has an ear infection." He said this without even looking in his ears, then prescribed him two antibiotics (at this time he was 4 weeks old).

I left that appointment in tears...and was NOT going to go to the pharmacy to pick up those prescriptions.

I called my mom and talked to her about it-and I told her I was thinking of getting a second opinion.

She agreed but the problem was I had heard that the other pediatrician in our town wasn't accepting new patients. Luckily, that wasn't true and we got him in right away.

She took one look at him and said he had no ear infection. Whew! I was so glad I went with my instinct.

Instead she said that she didn't think the medicine we had him on was working anymore...nor the formula. At the time he was on Zantac for his reflux and Enfamil Newborn.

We switched him to Prilosec and Enfamil AR.

He still didn't seem right. So we played with other formulas...until we (the pediatrician and I) decided to check for a dairy allergy...ding ding ding!

We put him on soy formula immediately and changed his medicine to Prevacid.

He was doing much better but was spitting up a lot more because the formula wasn't NEARLY as thick as the Enfamil AR he was used to...

The pediatrician suggested adding oatmeal cereal to his bottles.

I was against this at first. I had read way too many articles about starting babies on cereal too early. But after seeing him puke up entire bottles I knew something had to give.

I talked to a pediatric dietician at Riley and she agreed with my pediatrician that putting just a little bit of cereal in his bottles would benefit him more than harm him. So we did it...we put a teaspoon of cereal in his bottles and 2 teaspoons in his night bottles (when he spits up the most).

Since then...a HUGE change!

He poops without any aid (no Karo syrup/prune juice/etc). He doesn't scream after eating. He doesn't scream for hours at a time.

He smiles. He coos. He talks to us. He sleeps better.

I'm forever grateful to our new pediatrician...she helped me get the happy healthy baby boy I have today! 


Jamie said...

I'm so happy that you got him figured out! What a relief!

Maria said...

so glad to hear you went with your gut instinct. mama knows best!!! :)