Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Cooper's Diaper Bag

Let's face it...when you have a baby, you can't just grab your keys, wallet, and phone and head out the door. Nope-even a simple trip to the grocery store takes some planning. You don't wanna be late for a feeding..especially not for my little guy..who goes from happy to hangry in .5! :)

What I'm showing you today is what is always in Cooper's bag...for the day to day things.

Every morning I pack his bag for the sitters, I add his bottles w/water in them, his formula, and his cereal (explanation on this at a later flaming please.). Those things aren't pictured today but I assure you, I always have a bottle on tap...even if he just ate...I don't want to get stuck out somewhere with no formula.

First up...the bag itself...

It's a Graco bag in Twister that matches our travel system. OCD, much? Eh-maybe..don't judge.

I loved it because the inside was super super easy to clean, it had interior and exterior pockets, and wasn't too baby-ish. I felt as though this would transition well into a toddler bag.

And like any other OCD/germaphobe mama-there is sanitizer attached to the bag. WHAT?! :)

Alright...let's take a peek inside:

 1. Extra change of clothes. Does this really need explanation?
 2. Portable changing pad with diaper rash cream, wipes, and diapers.
 3. Rattle-little man LOVES him some rattles!
 4. Gas drops
 5. Blanket
 6. Bib
 7. Wubbanub

I realized very quickly that when it comes to packing a diaper bag-less is more!

I usually have enough room in the diaper bag that I rarely carry a purse if we are out. I just throw my wallet, keys, phone, and planner in the bag. So much easier!!

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