Friday, May 17, 2013

Cooper-3 Months

Silly boy laughing at his daddy and sticking his tongue out

How do I have a 3 month old?! 

-We aren't sure about height/weight because he doesn't have a check up this month. 
-0-3 month pants/3 month shirts
-Size 1 diapers 
-We are thinking he may be starting to teeth. He's drooling like crazy and sometimes becomes quite fussy--until he chews on something. We bought teething tablets and Highland's gel. We've used them a few times and they seem to calm him down. 
-He's now sleeping in his crib 99% of the time. We started trying to transition him in there at 8 weeks and he wasn't having any part of it. (He slept in a rock n play in our room.) He wouldn't even stay in there 5 minutes no matter how we put him in-swaddled/not swaddled, drowsy/completely asleep-IT DIDN'T MATTER. We tried again last week and slowly transitioned him into it. I honestly feel like maybe he wasn't quite ready the first time we tried. The second time we tried went much smoother. He does wake up more than when he's in our room but I think he still needs to get used to his room/crib.
-He's on soy formula now mixed with a small amount of oatmeal cereal. (We can add up to a tablespoon for each ounce in the bottle (4 oz). We add 1 tablespoon at night and 2 tsp during the day.)

Loves: tongues sticking out, noises with your mouth, raspberries on his belly, car rides, the word "punkin", his sitter, being naked, getting his diaper changed
Hates: missing something (He will stay up all day at the sitters if a certain little one is there..they are around the same age and have to stay awake...both of them!), getting boogers sucked out, when his bottle isn't ready RIGHT when he wants it

Cooper is getting SO big I can't even stand it!! He is so cute-my heart just melts!!

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Maria said...

happy three months to cooper!!! he is so cute and smiley!!
i'm so glad to hear the transition to his crib is going better! piper sleeps in a rock n play next to the bed too.
ahhh, where is time going. piper will be seven weeks tomorrow.
i hope you're all having a wonderful weekend! i read steve your comment about his yankees gear and he lol! :)