Thursday, May 30, 2013

Almost 30...

I had dinner with my best friend Saturday night.

We were talking about how we were almost thirty.

I've always been a dreamer and a planner.

I had a timeline for everything...(I still do)...

I had a list of things I wanted before I turned thirty...

That list included a loving husband (far exceeded that expectation..), two kids (half way there!), and two dogs (half way there again). I wanted a career (check mark) and a house (check again).

I got so much more than I could have imagined. I'm sitting here typing this as my baby boy is playing on his activity mat grabbing at toys and learning to explore this world. My pup is laying by my feet-happy as can be. My wonderful husband is at work and we are counting down the hours until we get to see him! 

Sure-things didn't go quite as I planned. Hell, I expected to be pregnant, if not have baby #2 by now. They say, "Good things come to those who wait." Well-we got an amazingly great and wonderful baby so it was worth the wait and worth the heart break. 

I'm so lucky. And so blessed.

I only have three years left of my twenties. 

Bring it on thirties.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Monday, May 20, 2013

Almost 4 Years Later-I still date my husband.

I know some people don't agree with me on this and that's completely fine. 

But Jon and I are more than just husband and wife. 

We are best friends. We were best friends long before we became boyfriend/girlfriend--let alone husband and wife. 

I love nothing more than going and doing things with him-he makes me laugh so hard I cry...that's a normal occurrence really...

When we started talking about having a family, I really stressed to him how I felt like it was important not to lose US...sure-our relationship was going to change but at the end of the day-we were still US. We were the laugh-til-we-cry, inside-jokes-times-a-million couple.

The first few weeks with Cooper were rough on particular me. On top of recovering from surgery, figuring out our new baby and getting to know him, and lack of sleep I realized quickly--I needed Jon. We didn't talk unless it was about Cooper. We were so engrossed we lost US for a few weeks. 

Thanks to my mom-we were able to get out and go on dates. Yes, dates.

We quickly became us again. 

We still go on dates...usually once or twice a month. Even if it's just for a few's wonderful! 

Four years later, my husband still holds my hand. Four years later, I still put his clothes away and fix his plate of food for him. Four years later we are still very much in love.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Cooper-3 Months

Silly boy laughing at his daddy and sticking his tongue out

How do I have a 3 month old?! 

-We aren't sure about height/weight because he doesn't have a check up this month. 
-0-3 month pants/3 month shirts
-Size 1 diapers 
-We are thinking he may be starting to teeth. He's drooling like crazy and sometimes becomes quite fussy--until he chews on something. We bought teething tablets and Highland's gel. We've used them a few times and they seem to calm him down. 
-He's now sleeping in his crib 99% of the time. We started trying to transition him in there at 8 weeks and he wasn't having any part of it. (He slept in a rock n play in our room.) He wouldn't even stay in there 5 minutes no matter how we put him in-swaddled/not swaddled, drowsy/completely asleep-IT DIDN'T MATTER. We tried again last week and slowly transitioned him into it. I honestly feel like maybe he wasn't quite ready the first time we tried. The second time we tried went much smoother. He does wake up more than when he's in our room but I think he still needs to get used to his room/crib.
-He's on soy formula now mixed with a small amount of oatmeal cereal. (We can add up to a tablespoon for each ounce in the bottle (4 oz). We add 1 tablespoon at night and 2 tsp during the day.)

Loves: tongues sticking out, noises with your mouth, raspberries on his belly, car rides, the word "punkin", his sitter, being naked, getting his diaper changed
Hates: missing something (He will stay up all day at the sitters if a certain little one is there..they are around the same age and have to stay awake...both of them!), getting boogers sucked out, when his bottle isn't ready RIGHT when he wants it

Cooper is getting SO big I can't even stand it!! He is so cute-my heart just melts!!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

"Your son has colic."

That's what we heard at the pediatrician's office when we took Cooper in at ten days because he had been crying, pretty much non stop for three days straight. In those three days he (and Jon and I) slept a TOTAL of six hours.


If Cooper's bottle was not in his mouth...he was screaming. Not crying. Oh no. SCREAMING. I'm talking red faced screaming here.

Now...I'm not even going to get on my colic soap box. I'm just not...but let's just say, I wasn't happy with the pediatrician's opinion and made an appointment with another pediatrician in the same office.

He took one look at Cooper (who was screaming during the entire appointment) and said,"He doesn't have colic. He has an ear infection." He said this without even looking in his ears, then prescribed him two antibiotics (at this time he was 4 weeks old).

I left that appointment in tears...and was NOT going to go to the pharmacy to pick up those prescriptions.

I called my mom and talked to her about it-and I told her I was thinking of getting a second opinion.

She agreed but the problem was I had heard that the other pediatrician in our town wasn't accepting new patients. Luckily, that wasn't true and we got him in right away.

She took one look at him and said he had no ear infection. Whew! I was so glad I went with my instinct.

Instead she said that she didn't think the medicine we had him on was working anymore...nor the formula. At the time he was on Zantac for his reflux and Enfamil Newborn.

We switched him to Prilosec and Enfamil AR.

He still didn't seem right. So we played with other formulas...until we (the pediatrician and I) decided to check for a dairy allergy...ding ding ding!

We put him on soy formula immediately and changed his medicine to Prevacid.

He was doing much better but was spitting up a lot more because the formula wasn't NEARLY as thick as the Enfamil AR he was used to...

The pediatrician suggested adding oatmeal cereal to his bottles.

I was against this at first. I had read way too many articles about starting babies on cereal too early. But after seeing him puke up entire bottles I knew something had to give.

I talked to a pediatric dietician at Riley and she agreed with my pediatrician that putting just a little bit of cereal in his bottles would benefit him more than harm him. So we did it...we put a teaspoon of cereal in his bottles and 2 teaspoons in his night bottles (when he spits up the most).

Since then...a HUGE change!

He poops without any aid (no Karo syrup/prune juice/etc). He doesn't scream after eating. He doesn't scream for hours at a time.

He smiles. He coos. He talks to us. He sleeps better.

I'm forever grateful to our new pediatrician...she helped me get the happy healthy baby boy I have today! 

Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

Last year on Mother's Day I didn't think I would ever get to celebrate this day AS A MOM.

Now...I get to see this adorable face every day and I'm so blessed.

To say I was spoiled this Mother's Day would be the biggest understatement on the planet.

This morning I was treated to breakfast, a new movie, a love saying plaque (from J), a monkey that says "Best Mom Ever" (from Coop-my "monkey man"), and adorable, sweet cards. These things brought me so much joy. So so much joy.

Last Monday was the start of my spoiled-ness....

Jon bought me this beauty:

2012 Chevy Cruise!

She's beautiful!

I'm so lucky.

I'm so so blessed.


Happy Mother's Day to my wonderful mama. She's an amazing mom to me and an AMAZING grandma to Cooper (and Reggie). We wouldn't have made it through the last three months without her help. The woman is a Saint-I tell you. 

Friday, May 3, 2013

Life as a Family of Three=HECTIC!!

Jon and I had our schedule down pretty well if I do say so myself.

We were organized.

We were a well oiled machine chuggin down the road.


we had a baby!

And quite frankly, all that went to hell in a hand basket.

I looked around one day at my messy house, empty bags from fast food restaurants, post it notes with doctor's appointments and thought...oh hell no. This is NOT going to happen.

Right then and there I made a point to get things back into semi-order.

I had to re-arrange the way we do things.

I don't spend every week night cleaning....instead I spend 10 minutes a night picking up things, I do dishes/wash bottles, and pick up Reggie's toys. That's the extent of it. Oh and a spray the shower with daily cleaner. Now I dedicate a few hours a weekend to cleaning the house.

I grocery shop on the weekends now, too....though I'm not as rigid as to when I go.

And my planner has quickly became my new bee eff eff.

I even invested in some of these:




I'm actually not a huge fan of the Baby's First Year stickers...but they were $1.99 so I'm not out much. I love the other ones though!!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Cooper's Diaper Bag

Let's face it...when you have a baby, you can't just grab your keys, wallet, and phone and head out the door. Nope-even a simple trip to the grocery store takes some planning. You don't wanna be late for a feeding..especially not for my little guy..who goes from happy to hangry in .5! :)

What I'm showing you today is what is always in Cooper's bag...for the day to day things.

Every morning I pack his bag for the sitters, I add his bottles w/water in them, his formula, and his cereal (explanation on this at a later flaming please.). Those things aren't pictured today but I assure you, I always have a bottle on tap...even if he just ate...I don't want to get stuck out somewhere with no formula.

First up...the bag itself...

It's a Graco bag in Twister that matches our travel system. OCD, much? Eh-maybe..don't judge.

I loved it because the inside was super super easy to clean, it had interior and exterior pockets, and wasn't too baby-ish. I felt as though this would transition well into a toddler bag.

And like any other OCD/germaphobe mama-there is sanitizer attached to the bag. WHAT?! :)

Alright...let's take a peek inside:

 1. Extra change of clothes. Does this really need explanation?
 2. Portable changing pad with diaper rash cream, wipes, and diapers.
 3. Rattle-little man LOVES him some rattles!
 4. Gas drops
 5. Blanket
 6. Bib
 7. Wubbanub

I realized very quickly that when it comes to packing a diaper bag-less is more!

I usually have enough room in the diaper bag that I rarely carry a purse if we are out. I just throw my wallet, keys, phone, and planner in the bag. So much easier!!