Wednesday, April 10, 2013


I know I know..routines with babies change all the time!

I'm back to working full time now so routines are pretty crucial to get things done and still have time to spend with Cooper.


6:30-wake up, wash bottles from the night before, get ready for work
7:00-wake Cooper up, change him, and feed him...and most of all cuddle him!!
7:40-out the door headed to the sitter!

8:00-5:00-work. During my lunch hour I either run errands, clean house, and once a week Jon and I have a lunch date. :)

5:15-get home, start dinner, and take care of Reggie

6:00-dinner on the table, then spend time as a family

7:00-bathtime for little man

7:30-bottle and bedtime for Cooper

After he's down for the night I pick up the house, do dishes, and get his bag ready for the next day. Then I spend time with Jon and crash around 10.

It's hectic and I live for the weekends, but it's worth it. :) It's all worth it!

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Maria said...

So glad you have a nice routine down for you and Cooper! I've been thinking about you and am glad everything is going well! Everything is sooo worth it! Sending love to you all!