Saturday, April 20, 2013

Cooper Joseph-2 Months!

I can't handle the cuteness!!! He is getting so so big!!

Weight: 10 lb 11 oz (WHAT?!)
Length: 22 1/4"
Clothes: 0-3/3 Months in Carter's

Loves: tongues sticking out, raspberry noises, diaper changes, being naked, rattles, white noise
Hates: burping, the beginning of bath time (just the beginning!)

What a month it's been for this little handsome man!!

We started him on soy formula on Wednesday and we've started noticing a change with the first bottle. Hopefully this soy is the ticket because I'm telling you-I can't get enough of the laughs and giggles we've been getting!!

I finally got around to sending out his birth announcements a few weeks ago..designed by my talented Nestie Bestie Caitlyn!

(I also feel the need to add this in here as opposed to giving terrorism and negativity its own blog post. Last April I was blessed enough to see one of my favorite cities I've ever been to and one of my favorite people in the world lives there--Boston. What happened on Monday was utterly terrifying, disgusting, nonsensical, and wrong. Boston is a great, wonderful city full of great wonderful people in a great and wonderful country. As far as I'm concerned, if you don't like it here and if you don't like Americans, I mean this with the utmost respect when I say-kindly get the hell out and go back to where you came one is forcing you to be here. Why must you breed hate and take the lives of innocent people-including a child? Disgusting. I hope you rot in jail-a Boston jail at that. Have fun.)

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Maria said...

Ohmygoodness, Kari! Cooper is SO SO cute! I love his smile! :) so glad the soy formula is treating him well! Piper loves white noise too!
Your friend created such a wonderful annoucement - love the words and picture. I've been thinking about you and hope you're all doing well! Happy two months to your sweet boy! Happy Sunday! Xoxox