Monday, March 18, 2013

Cooper-1 Month

How is my baby already a month old?!! We've had some reflux issues that have well...sucked. But they seem to be figured out and he's doing so much better...and so is his mama..hopefully there are no more 6 hour scream fests on our future.


Length: 20.75"
Weight: 8 lb 5 oz
Diapers: just moved to size 1
Clothes: a few NBs but mostly 0-3
Loves: smiling, his rock n play, fake crying, car rides, and loud noises (vacuum, rattles, blow dryer, etc)
Hates: burping, sleeping during the day (but he sleeps well at night 99% of the time so I don't complain) and baths

1 comment:

Maria said...

HAPPY ONE MONTH TO COOPER!! one month - crazy!! kari, he is adorable! i was just thinking about you yesterday! so glad he's sleeping mostly through the night! what a cutie!
i loved all the photos! he looks like you and jon so much.

i'm still pregnant...39 weeks and a day. might be for another couple weeks. lol.

sending so much love and thinking about you! xoxox