Tuesday, February 5, 2013

What's better than Teen Mom 2?

I'll tell ya...

After I watch the episode when I wake up on Tuesday morning (9 month preggo staying up til 11? Pshhhh.), I get on the laptop and proceed to cackle at the newest entry of I'm Bringing Blogging Back. (Yyyyeppp.)

Say the title of that blog and try not to picture this:

I seriously..die laughing every time I read the recap. It can be slightly offensive, I suppose...there are times when I read it and go, "Oh my gosh...really?!". 

Basically...it's like me watching an episode of Daniel Tosh. (Krispy Kreme break it down.)

Enjoy the link!!

(In other news-I'm still pregnant. Cooper is in no hurry to grace us with his presence...he doesn't realize how bad Mama and Daddy wants to meet him! 39 week update tomorrow!)

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