Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Greatest Day of My Life-Cooper's Birth Story

Jon and I went to my doctor's appointment Tuesday, February 12th. We decided to do an induction because I wasn't progressing at all. We asked for the induction to be on Friday, February 15th. My doctor said he wasn't going to be in town over the weekend and he wanted to deliver Cooper so he wanted to set it up for Thursday, February 14th. Okay-great! He comes back in and says, "Okay guys...two options...either wait until Sunday, February 17th to start induction or do it tomorrow in which you would be going into the hospital tonight at 6:00 to start Cervadil. We looked at each other and said, "Okay-let's do it tonight."

I spent the rest of the day on the phone with my friends, packing our bags, and trying to come to grips with what was about to go down. Jon went back to work. 

He got off work at 5, we packed up the car, and realized we were a lot slower than we anticipated and we didn't have time to go to a sit down dinner like we we ended up at Wendy's. I could hardly eat I was so nervous. 

When we got to the hospital and got registered, they took us up to the L&D room and wanted to start the IV. Now....I hate needles...but I hate IVs more than anything. I had one one time and the entire pregnancy I kept saying I was more nervous about the IV than anything. Now it was here. I lost my shit you guys. I was sobbing. SOBBING. It was embarrassing. I kept asking Jon to call my mom. He used it as a bribery tool, "If you do the IV I'll call her babe.." lol Yeah.

Then there's a knock at the door...a nurse walked in and said,"Kari...your mom is here." 

You guys.

I LOST IT. I was bawling. I was so happy she was there. She came over to me, held my hand..and within 15 minutes I was calmed down with an IV in my arm. God bless those nurses who were so nice to me...I'm sure they all rolled their eyes..but I never saw it. :)

After the IV was put in, the Cervadil was next. OMG that sucked. That's all I have to say. But it was in within a minute or so and we settled down to watch TV. My mom left because we were just going to relax and take it easy then they were starting Pitocin Wednesday morning at 6.

Jon and I are relaxing and watching Pretty Little Liars and Tosh.0...all of a sudden I hear a pop...followed by a gush. I paged the nurse immediately. She checks me and says, "Your water broke!" I kept saying,"Shut up!! Shut up!!" She said,"No no no I wouldn't lie! I can't believe it myself." So then she checked me...I went from a finger tip dialated to almost an hour. 

I was hooked up to the monitors and showing contractions every 5 minutes but didn't feel any of them. Then....I started feeling them..stronger and stronger. 

I took deep breaths.

I cursed like a sailor.

I rocked my hips.

I held Jon's hand and just cried. 

The nurse came in and checked me again...4 and 80% effaced. Wait..what? The monitors showed minimal contractions but I was feeling HORRIBLE pain. We realized that Cooper had kicked off the monitor and it was on sideways. She puts it on right and there they were-every 60-90 seconds apart...some coming in clusters 30 seconds apart. 

I was ready for the epidural. 

And it was not bad AT ALL. Like at all. I was feeling relief within 15 minutes.

Then I noticed the nurse kept coming in and having me change positions a lot. She said she wasn't happy with how Cooper was handling the labor at this point and she was calling my doctor. Cooper's heart rate was dropping after each contraction as opposed to during the contraction like they want to see. 

The next hour or so was full of me freaking out and crying and praying that Cooper would be okay. 

My nurse comes back in and says,"Okay Kari..I talked to your doctor. He wants to do a c-section and he will be here soon."

I just sat there. Jon called our parents and my sister. I was laying in bed with an oxygen mask..crying again. My nurse just stood next to me, assuring me it was okay-she sees this all the time. I remember looking at her and asking,"Can you please come into surgery with us?" She had been there for me throughout this whole thing...I wanted her to see me through the end of it.

A few minutes later, the anesthesiologist comes back in to give me stronger dose of medicine. Then my doctor walked in looking calm as always and I felt instant relief and safety. I tearfully said to him,"I'm so scared, Doc." He said,"I know it's scary...but remember our rule." (He always told me if he's worried I need to worry-if he's calm, I can be too.) Then he sent Jon out to get changed into scrubs and kept me calm while he was gone. 

Next thing I know I'm in the surgery room and they asked if I could feel pinching...I said no not at all. My doctor said,"Okay good...your son will be here in a second. Go get Jon." A nurse goes and gets Jon who sits next to me. Looking into his eyes is something I remember vividly. Then I hear it...

"Here's a head...and's a boy!!!"

I started saying, "Oh my God." I said that so many times. Over and over again. Cried again. Jon's tearing up. He goes to get pictures of Cooper for me and my doctor leans over and says, "His cord was short, Kari. That was the problem...he's totally fine!"

Next thing I know, Jon has Cooper next to me..I wanted to kiss him but I couldn't. I just stared at did Jon and I make something so precious and perfect? What did we do to get blessed by such an amazing miracle?

Jon and Cooper went to go into our recovery room while I was getting stitched up. My doctor kept talking to me about everything and I just tried to soak it all in. In a few minutes I was back in recovery watching my son get a bath. 

Then they went to hand him to me. I hold him for a second...and bam...I start puking from the medicine. Ugh...really?

Jon takes him back and I just keep getting sick while my wonderful nurse is telling me it's okay that this happens and I will be fine in a minute. 

We get into the suite where we will be until discharged and I get sick a few more times.

Then our parents come in. Our son was passed all around and loved on. I was in and out of it at this point because I was so tired. I barely remember everyone being in the room at all. 

After things settled down, the nurse took Cooper to the nursery and Jon and I napped for two glorious hours. 

I woke up and they brought him back to us. I held him...without puking, thank you very much.

And I just stared at him. He looks up at me like,"Oh...hiiiiiii...." and I cry. A lot.

Looking at him makes every single thing we've went through completely worth it. 

I'd do it all over again. A million times over.


Maria said...

He is precious, Kari. So so precious. Thank you for sharing your wonderful birth story. I loved reading it...made me cry. :) I'm so glad Cooper is healthy and you are all doing well! I've been thinking about you lots.
Sending love always xoxox

Emily said...

He is so precious, thank you for sharing you rbirth story! How are you feeling post c/s? Our c/s is scheduled for March 21st so I am absorbing all the information I can get on that topic! :)

Megan said...

He is SO SO precious!!!! Congratulations!! So happy for y'all and so glad y'all are both healthy!! I had a c-section, too! How are you feeling??

Maria said...

Thinking of you all and hoping you're doing great, mama! Xoxox