Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Our Household-Menu Planning Updated

I did a post about our meal planning/grocery shopping here.

It worked for us but just so-so. I couldn't pin point why, but I just wasn't feeling it.

I read a link thanks to Pinterest that said that households that meal plan monthly as opposed to weekly and grocery shop twice a month instead of weekly save on average of $800/year on groceries. That was all I needed!!

I just started doing this new meal planning/grocery shopping about 4 weeks ago, but so far I love it!

The last week of the month I'll make a calendar on Publisher. I write days I know we're going to be out (birthdays, games, etc). Then I fill in the days with recipes. I try to make 3-4 new recipes a month-these can be breakfast, desserts, sides, or main dishes.

I plan the dinners day-to-day, then I set the breakfast, lunch, and snacks weekly and I don't assign specific days to them...I just make sure I have things on hand for what's on the menu.

This calendar stays on the computer so I can easily change it/refer back to it.

Before the new year started, I found new grocery list pads and weekly menu pads at CVS for $5 and stocked up. I use both of those weekly and I put them on the fridge.

Weekly Menu
Once I get the menu written out for both weeks (Remember, I only go shopping twice a month now.), I go through and write down every single thing I would need to make all of the meals.

Then I do inventory and mark out what I have already and what is left to buy. Then I start filling out our grocery list:

Then I go through my coupons. First thing I do is take out any coupons for things on the grocery list. Then I go through and pull out any that are going to be expiring before the next shopping trip. I decide which ones I can use and pitch ones I won't use.

The nice thing about this grocery list is that it has a spot to mark which items have coupons.
Then I go through the grocery list and try to get a rough estimate of the grocery list with and without coupons. I jot that down on the bottom of the list.

I must say I do pretty well. Total for two weeks worth of groceries: $103.16. Yes please!

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