Monday, February 4, 2013

Our Household: How It Works

It takes a lot of work, time, and effort to keep a household running smoothly, in my opinion. 

There's a lot that goes into it and we are still expanding our little family so I can only imagine it's going to get even crazier. 

Jon and I have a system works for us. It works for us really well. To the point where I really don't mind the household things anymore. It makes me smile and get all warm and fuzzy inside and think,"Damn, I'm loving this!". 

Here's the rundown on how we keep the house/household going:

1. Cleaning-Inside

Me. I used to clean one room a day Monday-Thursday. Then I got pregnant and there was no way in hell I was cleaning, period...let alone every day. Since I got past first trimester hell, I've been back at it ever since...only now I clean usually one day (typically a day during the week if I'm off or on Saturdays otherwise). I've got it down to where it only takes me about 1.5-2 hours to clean the entire house, with daily maintenance.

Every morning I make sure the living room area is cleared of tripping hazards (a/k/a Reggie's toys), I'll throw anything that needs to defrost in the fridge, and take care of the pup. 

After work I'll make dinner, then do the dishes and sweep the kitchen. I'll put the dishes away after that. It's a nice little system...takes about 20 minutes..I'll take that! Then I take a shower-after I shower I spray our daily shower cleaner and wipe the sink off with disinfectant wipes. That takes me all of 5 minutes, if that. It's wonderful. And makes when I clean the bathroom weekly a lot easier-no nasty soap scum in the shower, no nasty toothpaste spots on the sink, etc. 

About once a month I'll do a deeper clean of the house-baseboards, walls, cleaning out cabinets, etc. 

Every spring and fall I do a complete deep clean of the house-down to outside windows, wiping down the porch, etc. That takes me an entire weekend, usually...but J helps with that because he's awesome like that. :)

2. Cleaning-Outside

Jon. I've never been the type of girl to mow, rake leaves, shovel snow, etc. Just not my thing. If we plant flowers in the spring, I do take care of's all on him. And he does a great job at it so it works perfectly. I love days when it's really nice out and I can have the windows open and I'm inside cleaning and I can hear him outside working. Makes me smile inside. :)

3. Laundry

Me. I've always done the laundry since we moved in. Jon helps if I ask him to, of course...but laundry is one of the few chores that I don't mind doing...probably because it doesn't tie me down...I can do other things, like take a nap while doing it.

4. Meal Planning/Couponing

Me. I love doing it-it makes me giddy to find good coupons/sales and getting the most bang for our buck. 

5. Grocery Shopping

Both of us. We go together. We didn't use to-I used to go by myself usually on my days off (weekdays during the day=NO ONE IN THE STORE), but once I got pregnant, Jon wanted to go with me so I wasn't trying to wrestle bags/jugs of milk into the car and whatnot by myself. We go every week (usually Friday or Saturday) with a big trip every other time. For example we may spend $120 one week, then the next week spend $15 on things we ran out of (i.e. milk). 

6. Cooking

Me. I love to cook. I love that Jon likes my cooking. It makes me happy to know I'm taking care of him and taking care of his needs.

7. Finances

Jon mostly. I have 2 things that I take care of myself-my phone bill until we join ours and my credit card bill. The rest-all on him. We have a joint account so it's not like he keeps it from me by any means, but the boy has a finance degree. I don't worry about him taking care of any of that stuff. It's probably better for him to do it anyways. We're both savers by nature, so it works well for us.

8. Vacation Planning

Both of us-generally. We decide together where we're going to go. We make a budget together. We look for places to eat, things to do, and where we're going to stay together. Jon is really good at finding things to do and places to eat-he can Google with the best of them! He does most of those types of Pace's Pizza Balls in Charleston! When it comes down to it-I always make sure we have reservations printed off, a folder made, and all information we need before we head out. 

9.Gift Giving (i.e. Christmas, birthdays)

Both of us. We may pick up things for people individually, but generally we go out together and find things for our families. Our friends we do pick up separately usually. :) Birthdays/Mother's Day/etc, I usually make sure we have cards for them and get them sent out in time. It's not uncommon for Jon to ask me if we sent cards to his mom, Grandma, etc and me to say "I sent it out last week.". 

10. Date Nights/Social Events

Both of Us. Sometimes I pick what we do. Sometimes Jon does. It balances out quite a bit. Though usually I'm the one that picks where we eat...don't let him say otherwise. ;)


Lauren said...

New follower to your blog! :)

So cute!


Maria said...

you have it together, gf!! i loved this post - you're so organized! this baby is teaching me how to be! :)