Wednesday, February 6, 2013

39 Weeks!

Alright, let's be real people...there's only so many of these I can possibly have left...right? The end is in sight and I'm thiiiiis close to meeting Cooper...right? RIGHT?

-Cooper is the size of a watermelon!
-Dr's appointment went more progression then last week. If nothing happens before next Tuesday we have to talk options. 
-No weight gain for mama this past week (SAY WHAT?!). Holler!!!
-Found a sitter for Cooper last week! Just waiting for Cooper to get here to see how she is with him before we make the final decision, but J and I like her a lot. 

That's about it until next week (or before...but let's be real...)!

1 comment:

Maria said...

ahhh, happy 39 weeks!! crazy!! your due date's in a week *not that you don't know that* lol! i keep on thinking "today is your day" and then you post again! :) i'll be thinking about ya! <3<3<3