Friday, January 18, 2013

Life Lately...

Let's have a refresher with my last bump picture:

Holy crap...did you see there's really four people in this picture? Me, Reggie, Cooper, and Manti Te'o's girlfriend? Zing.

Can you believe this shit? So you've been dating this gi...dud.....person for three years. Never met them, "talked to them on the phone every night", they get in a car accident-you don't go see them, they get diagnosed with leukemia-you don't go see them, they DIE-you don't go to the funeral. Let's get real, here. Something smells fishy with this story...maybe I'm wrong. Maybe he really was naive (for lack of a better word) to believe this...or maybe he's really smart and we're all naive enough to believe this story. No one can seem to answer any questions anyone is having. 

Can I start? Mee..mee..mee...over here! Preggo in the front!

Why did your dad claim to have met her numerous times if she is really a he?

Oh....and...what kind of boyfriend doesn't go to his girlfriend's funeral?

Oh oh oh oh....waiiitttt..I have one more!

You said that your girlfriend's family came to a game to support you? Now you claim to know no one from that family. 

Oh and now your teammates are claiming they knew this was all bullshit for awhile now..stop cancelling your press conferences and fess up..puhlease? Otherwise I'm calling Nev from Catfish...he can figure these kind of shenanigan stories out in an hour! 

I actually know someone who went through a Catfish story that I will not be sharing on the blog-so I do know that these things can happen...but the person I know's family didn't claim to meet this person either.

And I'm not even getting into why I think he did we will be moving on...

So the hubs and I are going to be celebrating four years of wedding bliss in July...on the 25th to be exact. 

We already have our date planned....

What is it?

I'm sure we'll go out to dinner....

and then...

we're going to see these guys...



OHMYGAH!! Luke is coming back to Indy y'all! And he's headlining...can you believe that?! 

I'm so excited to see these guys and spend the evening with my amazing husband!!

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