Friday, January 18, 2013

House Goals-2013

With Cooper coming we're not planning on doing too much to the house this year but we do have a few projects we want to tackle!

1. Install a new bathroom light/fan.
Broan 1.5-Sone 90 CFM White Bath Fan

2. Rip up the carpet off of the porch. We thought about getting new carpet, but now I think we're going to rip up the carpet and see what we're working with..if there is still a lot of glue/unevenness we may throw some back on there..otherwise our porch floor will be naked.

3. Work on the yard-work on evening out the yard, plant some landscaping, and figure out a new idea for the driveway entrance.

On the maybe list:
-Get a new dryer.
-Get a new stove.
-Paint the bathroom.
-Get a new mattress. (If you ask Jon this is NOT on the maybe's on the top of the list up there ^^)

Much smaller list than in years past...but we've put a lot of work in the house in the last few years! Hopefully this year we can work on some small things and sit back and enjoy it!

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