Friday, January 4, 2013

Hospital Bag-Mine

Reggie is NOT going in the bag ;)

1. Nursing Pads
2. Nursing Cover
3. Boppy pillow
4. Nursing nightgown
5. Travel size shampoo, conditioner, lotion, and body wash
6. Comfy outfit for going home
7. Nursing bras
8. Comfy socks
9. Comfy outfit

I'll be adding:
-Robe (I still need to find one)
-Pack of heavy pads
-Pack of underwear (I read in several magazines that you should buy a size bigger than you usually wear because the heavy pads require bigger size underwear. Sounds fun.)
-Hair ties, hair brush, straightener and blow dryer (silly, maybe but I deem them as necessary)
-Toothbrush, toothpaste, floss
-Change for vending maching
-Phone charger
-Camera, video camera (not filming the birth..just saying), and chargers
-copy of insurance card (We're pre registered but ya never know.)
-Nipple cream (It's actually in the bag in a side pocket..I forgot to take it out for the picture.)
-Couple changes of clothes for Jon
-Make up bag (Judge me all you want-I'm keepin it real...I need at least some foundation on before we have visitors.)
-Ski pop (Again-judge away..but best believe I'm putting a can on ice and toasting everyone with my Ski pop!!)


Maria said...

You're all set! Ahh so so exciting!! I will be bringing my bag of makeup! Hahaha...I have no shame in admitting that! Xoxo

Courtney B said...

I totally put foundation on at the hospital. That's the only make up I managed to wear... but I felt better having something on!
You don't need to take underwear. The hospital provides it and trust me, you want to use theirs. My hospital also provided nursing pads, but I didn't even need those until after we came home.