Wednesday, January 9, 2013

35/35-including the cutest picture ever!

Hello loves!!!! If you're not familiar with that phrase it means we're 35 weeks along and have 35 days to go until Cooper's due date...though my doctor is willing to bet he'll be here in a few weeks. :) In fact, he's almost 100% certain of that..but I haven't really gotten into that on here and I don't plan on it because ya just never know how things work out. I say Cooper will come when he's ready to meet us. :)

The girls at work SWEAR I dropped...I, however, I just don't see it...but I feel it, does that even make sense?

For the record, I feel HUGE in this picture. I never feel huge really until I look at my bump picture...then I'm like,"Wow, REALLY?!"

This week...

-Little man is the size of a honeydew melon...weighing in at approximately 5 1/2 lbs already!
-He's been getting the hiccups like crazy lately..which I just love! He'll get them then kick me for 20 minutes straight..I don't like them either, bub...but word on the street is when you get the hiccups it means you're practicing keep getting them!!
-He's starting to respond to voices...such as Jon's and my mom's. It's really awesome actually!
-My last day at work is this Friday...I'm so excited! Yet nervous..I mean..holy crap are we really this close?
-Reggie seems to be doing better this'll see what I mean in a minute.
-We got the car seat base installed and the pack and play put together this weekend. And by we, I mean Jon. He's amazing like that. :)

Mama and Daddy got Cooper a few more gifts this week:

Remember how I told you that Jon bought us the Cooper Hallmark books? He found the actual Cooper bear that comes with the first book in the series. LOVE!!

Did you know that aside from being a bombass quarterback that Peyton Manning writes children's books? No? It's cool..Cooper owns it now. And they even talk about their brother Cooper. :)

And now I bring you the picture that will be framed in the nursery next week when I get it printed off. I wish I could say this was staged and we planned this..but I bent down to talk to Reggie and well..this is what he did:

And I melt...a million times over I melt....

I..just...yeah...that's all I can say...that amount of love in this picture just makes me teary eyed. People tell me Reggie has no idea what's going on...I believe this picture says otherwise.

Just a few more weeks, Cooper!! Mama and Daddy can't wait to meet you, little guy!!! Keep growing strong and healthy for us, baby boy!!

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Maria said...

That is such a sweet photo!! And I love that Cooper bear to go along with the book! I can't wait to read your posts over the next month...crazy how fast time is flying!! Have a wonderful day!! So excited for you all! Xoxox