Friday, December 21, 2012

Getting the House Baby Ready

All of Cooper's clothes are washed.

His room is ready (still waiting on a lamp shade though...). 

But I never stopped to think about what else we needed to make room for besides his room.

First up we have the bathroom. We have one small linen closet in our bathroom that it usually pretty full as it is. I purged almost an entire shelf to make room for Cooper's things (I don't even want to tell you how much Bath & Body Works stuff I threw was bad..I have a problem.). Then I bought totes-two small ones and I had one big canvas one that someone gave me as part of my shower gift.

One small tote holds all of his bath boys (most rubber duckies). The big yellow duck w/the blue circle is my most favorite. You put the duck in the water and it tells you if the water is too hot for the baby. Amazing!

The other small tote has all the baby washes in it.

The big canvas tote has all of his hooded towels and washcloths in it. And we have PLENTY!

The other place we made room was in the kitchen. Once again-a lot of purging and rearranging took place in here too! I cleared off the bottom shelf for Cooper's things. There are not a whole lot of bottles because I plan on breast feeding...but I do have a few because he'll (hopefully) be taking the bottle every so often.

Now we just have to get a little diaper changing station set up in the living room (i.e. a basket with some essentials) and we'll be good to go!


Maria said...

I bet it felt so good to organize!! I smiled at the beer glasses on top and bottles on the bottom shelf - Steve would smile at that too! I am feeling the nesting more and more. I think Jan and Feb, I will go wild with it. Lol. Wishing you Jon Reggie and Cooper a wonderful wkend! Xoxox

Megan said...

Love this! We haven't made room for baby E in the kitchen yet! I need to do that! I just put her bathroom stuff out tonight and had to get rid of a lot of junk in the closet for it. We have a minor hoarding problem. Haha.