Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas 2012

It's crazy to think that this will be the last Christmas with just the two of us (& Reggie!). We decided a few months ago to not go crazy on each other this year. 

We had a great Christmas regardless of presents...but I must husband is the most thoughtful gift giver I know.

 Hallmark makes a series of books about a bear named Cooper. How perfect is that?!

This present took my breath away...Jon got me a handheld video camera for when Cooper is here! How amazing is that?

If you don't watch One Tree Hill, this quote means nothing to you. If you watch One Tree Hill, you'll recognize this as the quote from Karen's Cafe. How in the world Jon even came up with this idea I have no idea but I started tearing up when I opened it. I can't wait to buy a frame and get it hung up in the house.

 Me and Cooper with his book :)

Stocking Stuffer CDs :)

 Enjoying Christmas at my parents' house

The three of us<3 br="br">

Family picture

(Sidenote: There aren't any pictures of Reggie aside from the last one because he was sick for a few days. But with some lovins from Mama he felt better...and he seems to be doing much better now! He's playing with his Christmas toys as we speak actually.)

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Maria said...

Such thoughtful gifts from Jon - LOVE the Cooper bear books - so neat! You are going to save so many memories on that awesome camera. So glad you had a wonderful Christmas! You look great, Kari! Xoxox