Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A weekend of nothing

I unexpectedly was off work and told to take it easy by my doctor for the weekend until my appointment on Monday. (Don't worry-me and little man are doing just fine!)

Jon and I decided that for the first time in a long time we were going to nothing all weekend. 

And ya know what?


We sat on the couch together all weekend and watched TV, movies, sports, and napped. We barely even cooked..we got take out for almost every meal and just relaxed. 

Several times throughout the weekend we'd look at one another and say,
"I love this. This has been the best weekend!"

In fact, we liked it so much that this weekend, we're not planning on doing much of anything. I'm working on freezer meals during the weekend but that's it. And I'm all for it. 

Instead of running around like crazy, I'll spend the weekend on my couch, under a blanket, with my amazing husband, my adorable pup, and this little man in my belly who has already stolen our hearts. :) How much more perfect can you get?!

And with Christmas getting here before we know it..life is starting to get just a little crazy. 

My planner for the week is full of things that need to get done, blogs that need scheduled, etc etc. And that's just for this week...I can't even look at next week's yet. hahaha

I also realized I need to buy a new planner in the next few weeks. Right now my January posts that I have planned are written in the back of this planner....might need to get on that!

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