Thursday, December 27, 2012

33 Weeks!

According to the Bump...little man is the size of a Durian fruit this week. What the heck is a Durian fruit? Yeah...I don't know but it looks like this:


Let's just call a spade a spade...that thing up there does not look like anything I wanna be popping's SPIKEY. My child is way cuter than that! ;)

Not a whole lot to report this week:

-Cooper had his first Christmas (inside his mama!) and was spoiled rotten! (More on that later!)
-Lots of movement still...which I love and can't get enough of..though it does look like an alien is taking over my belly sometimes!
-All that's left to do is install the carseat and unpack a few more things in the nursery and we'll be ready for little man's arrival! 
-My next appointment is next week! I love those appointments really. Could be because I have the best doctor ever. :)

7 more weeks little man!! 4 more weeks until you're full term!!! Eeekkk!!!

(P.S. Go visit Courtney, one of my new favorite bloggers. Her and her husband, Eric just welcomed a beautiful baby girl, Mia!)


Jamie said...

You look great!

Maria said...

ahhh, one month away from full-term - CRAZY AND AWESOME!! :) you look adorable!! looking forward to hearing about your christmas! <3<3<3