Thursday, December 13, 2012

31 weeks!!

We're down to SINGLE DIGIT weeks, people!!

Again I say..holy crap on a cracker!!

I feel like little man went through a bit of a growth spurt again..that or he felt the need to push himself out a little more this week. Either way I look bigger! :)

The highlights:

-Jon is putting together the car seat and stroller this weekend. Oh and the pack and play..those are the last things to put together before he gets here.
-According to the Bump, Cooper is the size of a pineapple now..weighing in at around 3.5 lbs (We have an ultrasound coming up..we'll see what they say..) and almost the length he will be at he'll just be packing on the pounds..pack them on, little man!
-His movements are getting stronger and stronger every day. But now instead of having a lot of kicks and pokes...he shifts...a lot. It's not uncommon for my belly to be lopsided. Not comfortable, but cool looking, if you ask me!
-We have an ultrasound on MONDAY!!! I'm so excited to see our adorable little man again! And I can't wait for more pictures of him to show off to the world! :)

Not to much to report this week, but ya know what, I think I'll take that as a good thing! :)

Keep growing, Cooper!! You're doing so well!! Mama and Daddy love you soooo much already!!

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Megan said...

We are ALMOST there!!!! : )