Thursday, November 22, 2012

So much thanks

As I'm trying to write this post, I have a million words of thanks and gratitude running through my head. I don't even know how to put them all into words really, but I want to give it a shot.

-I'm so thankful to God for blessing Jon and I with a great life, loved ones, and of course, our precious miracle who we get to meet in February. 

-I'm thankful for Jon and how amazing he is to not just me, but to Cooper. He works so hard for us and he wants Cooper to have the best possible. He's never complained about helping me. He never uttered a single word when I suggest pizza for dinner, when I'm too tired to cook, when I cry at the drop of a hat, when I freak out because of something silly, or when I put my lunch plate on the bed instead of in the sink (What? Yeah. It happened.). He always rubs on my belly and talks to Cooper and tells me how much he loves both of us. I thought when we started this journey together that our love was strong and our bond was so powerful-but I realize now, it's nothing compared to what we have now. The bond that we share is something I cherish every single second of the day. He's truly my best friend and my soul mate. I couldn't imagine a better father for my child and I pray that my son turns out to be just like his dad.

-I'm so thankful for my mom. If I told you everything I respect and love about this woman, we'd be here for days. She's the most selfless person I know. She has a heart of gold and I strive to be half the mother that she is to me. I love her more than anything and I can't wait to make her a Grandma! Cooper already has such a reaction to her that it makes me cry just thinking about it. When he hears her voice, he starts moving and kicking like,"Hey I like that Grandma lady!". :)

-Growing up I was always more of my mama's girl but I always always have a soft spot for my Daddy. He is so excited for Cooper and I love him for always being there for us. He is such an amazing cook and I love when he randomly makes me my favorite meals (that only he can cook by the way). It makes my heart melt!

-I'm so thankful for my friends who never cease to amaze me. They've always supported not just myself, but also mine and Jon's relationship. Cooper has so many aunts and uncles who love him already! He has no idea how many people are excited to meet him!

-I can be thankful for my dog, right? Right? Good, because I am. I love this animal more than any human should love an animal. There's just something about him. I'm so thankful that we chose him and that he chose us (I need to tell ya'll that story one day.). I love how excited he gets when we get home. I love how he runs up to the door to greet us, how he cuddles up next to me, how he gets his cute puppy dog eyes when he's in trouble, how he lays his head on my belly, and how he lays next to me all the time. He's my baby boy and I adore him so much!

-I'm in no way too proud to add this in here. I'm thankful for our vacation this year! We had so much fun and got to explore a new city (Charleston, SC!) and got to explore my personal favorite town ever again (Wilmington, NC!). We made so many memories and shared so many laughs....oh and came home a family of three (which we didn't know until a month later!)!! Bless you, Myrtle Beach!

I'm also thankful for (but have no pictures of)
-my job 
-Jon's job
-our home (I have pictures but youuuu have to wait for those!)
-Nestie Besties
-Country music
-Luke Bryan (Judge away!)
-Good TV shows

And last but CERTAINLY not least...

-I'm so thankful for the future arrival of our son! He's already brought so much joy into our lives already and he's not even here yet. I'm getting teary eyed writing this because I'm so emotional and excited to meet him and be his mama. Cooper, there are no words to express how much Mommy and Daddy love you already! Keep growing strong and healthy and we'll see you in a few months!! We love you, baby boy!!


Maria said...

Beautiful!! So much to be thankful for!! And no, it is not crazy to love an animal so much :) that's how we feel about our cats! Lol.
Wishing you a wonderful weekend! Xoxox

Courtney B said...

Oh my gosh... this is the sweetest post! It sounds like you have an AMAZING family! So much to be thankful for :) And yaaaaayy!! Congrats on your little miracle :)