Monday, November 26, 2012

Long Weekend Recap

First of all, I hope everyone had a great long weekend! I know for us, it was very productive and very much needed!! But more on the productivity later on...

Can I just say that every time someone calls Thanksgiving "Turkey Day", I get this mental image in my head of the play from Addams Family Values:


 You're welcome.


Our Thanksgiving was pretty low key. We spent time with our family and then spent time with just the four of us! :) We also managed to take some family pictures. Excuse the tiredness...third trimester has me with this sexy zombie look going on:

Take 1: Just look at Reggie's face...he looks absolutely positively THRILLED, doesn't he? Hahahaha

Take 2: Giving Dad kisses...right on the face!

Take 3: The best we got..even though Reggie's eyes are lit up like a Christmas tree and I look half asleep! hahaha 

I'd also like to add that Jon was wearing shorts and a t-shirt on Thanksgiving...and we're supposed to have snow flurries tonight.

Welcome to Indiana!!

Friday I had all day off and Jon had most of the day off, then he went to a Pacers game at night. 

We managed to get Cooper's crib put together and work on his room some. I did a bunch of laundry for the little man and started organizing his clothes. 

Saturday we shopped til we dropped!! We spent the day getting things we needed for Cooper that we didn't receive at the shower and also getting quite a bit of Christmas done, as well. It was a long day for this mama but we did it!

Sunday, we really put a dent into Cooper's room!! In fact, the only thing missing is a bookshelf. One little bookshelf and the room will be ready for the big reveal!! Hopefully that will get done yet this week!

Hope ya'll had a great weekend!!

And hellllooo to my new followers!! Yay for rolling 50 deep in here!! :) Thanks for following along this crazy life of ours!

(Sidenote: I promise I'm working on responding to emails and comments!)

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