Wednesday, November 28, 2012

29 weeks!!

I swear I think I look so small still...then I take a picture and realize I'm kidding myself! Like the fact that my pant selection dwindles by the day isn't telling enough...hahahaha

-Pregnancy brain has hit a whole new level of craziness lately. Can we start with how I put my bra in Reggie's toy box instead of my laundry basket? It's cool though...Reggie rooted around it and left it in there all day. hahahaha Or if you want we can go with how I close at my work every single week..sometimes numerous times for the last almost five years and today almost had to ask my boss which fuse switch turned off the lights in the show room? I stared at the box for a good 2-3 minutes thinking, "Okay..THINK Kari, THINK!".
-Lots and lots of movements! And I love every second of it!
-Nursery is one furniture piece away from being done...that piece of furniture is in the trunk of Jon's car right now waiting for me to bust into it tomorrow.
-Sleep..can we talk about sleep for a minute? Like how I can't get enough of it again? I'm a walking zombie 9 times out of 10 but yet when I sleep it's only for 3-4 hour increments at a time. Then I wake up to pee, shift thanks to hip pain/RLP/leg cramps, dying of thirst/starvation, having to pee, etc etc. (Yes I put peeing twice. I'm sure others can vouch for me here.)
-We finished our child classes this week! I can't hardly believe it!
-I wrote a list of things to pack for our hospital bags too...which I will probably pack the first of January.
-Reggie can't get enough of Cooper's room. He smells everything, sits by the crib, and plays with Cooper in my belly (as in Reggie puts head on belly, Cooper kicks, Reggie gets all excited, repeat until Mommy's inside are sore!). Hopefully he's this good and excited when Cooper gets here!

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