Wednesday, November 21, 2012

28 Weeks && Hello 3rd Trimester!

Holy bump, Batman!!

-We had our hospital tour last night. Crazy to actually see the place where our miracle will be born!
-Cooper's room is coming along well! So well in fact I'm hoping to show you pictures next week! Fingers crossed!
-My shower was Sunday afternoon and our little man was shown so much love it just melts my heart. A post is coming up on that Friday or Monday...not sure which yet! I need to schedule that!
-Had a doctor's appointment yesterday. Everything looks great! Little man is measuring at almost 3 lbs and measuring 29 weeks! Keep growing, Cooper!! 
-Mama passed her glucose test too! Praise God!! That test was no fun! I have a sexy bruise from one of the draws too. Blech!
-Still feeling so much movement and I love and am grateful for every single minute of it!

This pregnancy is just flying by...our little man will be here before we know it!!

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Maria said...

Happy 28 weeks. I got your text late tonight. :) so wonderful!! Can't wait to see Cooper's room!! Ahhh, 3 lbs. That is so awesome!! Xoxox