Friday, November 30, 2012

Cooper's Nursery Reveal!!

We still have a few finishing touches to put on the walls...a few more decals that are still left to come in the mail, but nonetheless...enjoy!!

Cooper's crib complete with bedding!
(The pillow will be taken out when he's born no worries!)

Side table/night stand
This is where the monitor will be, as well as a sound machine/projection machine. The sound machine projects different scenes such as stars and the moon up on the ceiling. :) The small navy tote you see on the top shelf has his swaddlers in it. The navy bin on the bottom shelf has his extra fitted crib sheets.

Colts decals

Changing a sort of organized chaos.
We ordered a few organizing pieces for this table as well and are waiting for them to come in...that way we don't have sacks of diapers, ya know. ;) The bottom shelf is nothing but diapers. The shelf has bins full of bibs, lotions, hats, safety items (i.e. outlet covers), plus samples of things we received throughout pregnancy. We also have some wipes and other miscellaneous items we're trying to find room for. To the right you see the Diaper Genie. :)
Jon and I put this puzzle together last year before getting pregnant with Cooper. It actually sat in our guest room (now the nursery) since we finished it. We were cleaning out the room and I mentioned to Jon we should go ahead and frame this and put it in Cooper's it lies. :)

 We call these "Reggie butts". Hahaha For the record-they are actually hooks.

His dresser..full of clothes in the first four drawers (separated by sizes). The bottom drawer has all of his receiving blankets.

These picture frames will be in the room, but I don't know if they'll stay here...we may move the Reggie picture to the bookshelf or to the end table by the rocker. The left picture is the picture we posted to tell the world we were pregnant. :) The right picture is Cooper's ultrasound picture at 19 weeks and 3 days. 

We got this glider for a STEAL (see the end of this post) and my mom recovered it for us. She made the cushion covers detachable so if we ever need/want to wash them we can! (Ignore the still in the box stroller and car seat, k thanks! ;))

This is the end table next to the glider. We're still trying to find a shade we like for the lamp. The basket holds extra blankets people were kind enough to make us!

Art work above the glider

Close up of the border

Picture Jon bought MONTHS ago in case we had a baby boy :)

Closet size dividers I made (Thanks to Pinterest!) I only made them for up to 12 months and I plan on making more soon so we have them...when I make the second batch, I'll post a tutorial's super easy. Took me less than an hour to make the first batch!

The details:

Wall Color: Benjamin Moore Monroe Bisque HC-26
Carpet: Cavalier II Dried Straw (Shaw)
Border: Louisville Slugger (Link)
Crib: Lauren Convertible Crib in White
Side table by Crib: Christmas Tree Shoppe
Toy Box: Ikea
Changing Table: Given to us
Hamper: Ikea
Dresser: Already owned
Bookshelf: Wal-Mart
Glider: Goodwill ($20!!)
Fabric for glider: Hobby Lobby (or the Hobb Lobb as I call it)
End table: Ikea
Sports lamp base: Wal-Mart
Three Wooden Artwork above glider: Hobb Lobb
Reggie Butts: Ikea
Great American Kids picture: Goodwill
White Frames: Ikea
White Ultrasound frame: Buy Buy Baby
Bumper: (Breathable) Buy Buy Baby
Crib Fitted Sheet: Wal-Mart
Changing Table Sheet: Buy Buy Baby
Navy Canvas Bins: Christmas Tree Shoppe
Cream Canvas Bins with Fringe: Ikea

Any other questions, feel free to ask!! Let me know what you think!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

29 weeks!!

I swear I think I look so small still...then I take a picture and realize I'm kidding myself! Like the fact that my pant selection dwindles by the day isn't telling enough...hahahaha

-Pregnancy brain has hit a whole new level of craziness lately. Can we start with how I put my bra in Reggie's toy box instead of my laundry basket? It's cool though...Reggie rooted around it and left it in there all day. hahahaha Or if you want we can go with how I close at my work every single week..sometimes numerous times for the last almost five years and today almost had to ask my boss which fuse switch turned off the lights in the show room? I stared at the box for a good 2-3 minutes thinking, "Okay..THINK Kari, THINK!".
-Lots and lots of movements! And I love every second of it!
-Nursery is one furniture piece away from being done...that piece of furniture is in the trunk of Jon's car right now waiting for me to bust into it tomorrow.
-Sleep..can we talk about sleep for a minute? Like how I can't get enough of it again? I'm a walking zombie 9 times out of 10 but yet when I sleep it's only for 3-4 hour increments at a time. Then I wake up to pee, shift thanks to hip pain/RLP/leg cramps, dying of thirst/starvation, having to pee, etc etc. (Yes I put peeing twice. I'm sure others can vouch for me here.)
-We finished our child classes this week! I can't hardly believe it!
-I wrote a list of things to pack for our hospital bags too...which I will probably pack the first of January.
-Reggie can't get enough of Cooper's room. He smells everything, sits by the crib, and plays with Cooper in my belly (as in Reggie puts head on belly, Cooper kicks, Reggie gets all excited, repeat until Mommy's inside are sore!). Hopefully he's this good and excited when Cooper gets here!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Long Weekend Recap

First of all, I hope everyone had a great long weekend! I know for us, it was very productive and very much needed!! But more on the productivity later on...

Can I just say that every time someone calls Thanksgiving "Turkey Day", I get this mental image in my head of the play from Addams Family Values:


 You're welcome.


Our Thanksgiving was pretty low key. We spent time with our family and then spent time with just the four of us! :) We also managed to take some family pictures. Excuse the tiredness...third trimester has me with this sexy zombie look going on:

Take 1: Just look at Reggie's face...he looks absolutely positively THRILLED, doesn't he? Hahahaha

Take 2: Giving Dad kisses...right on the face!

Take 3: The best we got..even though Reggie's eyes are lit up like a Christmas tree and I look half asleep! hahaha 

I'd also like to add that Jon was wearing shorts and a t-shirt on Thanksgiving...and we're supposed to have snow flurries tonight.

Welcome to Indiana!!

Friday I had all day off and Jon had most of the day off, then he went to a Pacers game at night. 

We managed to get Cooper's crib put together and work on his room some. I did a bunch of laundry for the little man and started organizing his clothes. 

Saturday we shopped til we dropped!! We spent the day getting things we needed for Cooper that we didn't receive at the shower and also getting quite a bit of Christmas done, as well. It was a long day for this mama but we did it!

Sunday, we really put a dent into Cooper's room!! In fact, the only thing missing is a bookshelf. One little bookshelf and the room will be ready for the big reveal!! Hopefully that will get done yet this week!

Hope ya'll had a great weekend!!

And hellllooo to my new followers!! Yay for rolling 50 deep in here!! :) Thanks for following along this crazy life of ours!

(Sidenote: I promise I'm working on responding to emails and comments!)

Baby Shower

This is a very picture heavy post but I will say Jon and I are so blessed! We have great family and friends who already love Cooper so much and are excited to meet him!!

Tell me this cake is adorable?! I'm in love with it! The lady who did our wedding cake made our this matches our plates we had. :)

 Guests :)
 Opening gifts

me and my sister

me, my mama, and my sister

my favorite cousin, Katie and me

 Cort, me, and Georgina

And our bumps! L-R: Cort and baby boy B due 2.17.13, me and baby boy B due 2.12.13, and Georgina and baby boy B due 2.20.13

True story all three of us are really good friends..all due within 8 days of each other and all having boys!

me and my friend Jesska..who drove 3.5 hours to come to my shower. I love her! :)

Mama and Daddy-to-be :) 

Thursday, November 22, 2012

So much thanks

As I'm trying to write this post, I have a million words of thanks and gratitude running through my head. I don't even know how to put them all into words really, but I want to give it a shot.

-I'm so thankful to God for blessing Jon and I with a great life, loved ones, and of course, our precious miracle who we get to meet in February. 

-I'm thankful for Jon and how amazing he is to not just me, but to Cooper. He works so hard for us and he wants Cooper to have the best possible. He's never complained about helping me. He never uttered a single word when I suggest pizza for dinner, when I'm too tired to cook, when I cry at the drop of a hat, when I freak out because of something silly, or when I put my lunch plate on the bed instead of in the sink (What? Yeah. It happened.). He always rubs on my belly and talks to Cooper and tells me how much he loves both of us. I thought when we started this journey together that our love was strong and our bond was so powerful-but I realize now, it's nothing compared to what we have now. The bond that we share is something I cherish every single second of the day. He's truly my best friend and my soul mate. I couldn't imagine a better father for my child and I pray that my son turns out to be just like his dad.

-I'm so thankful for my mom. If I told you everything I respect and love about this woman, we'd be here for days. She's the most selfless person I know. She has a heart of gold and I strive to be half the mother that she is to me. I love her more than anything and I can't wait to make her a Grandma! Cooper already has such a reaction to her that it makes me cry just thinking about it. When he hears her voice, he starts moving and kicking like,"Hey I like that Grandma lady!". :)

-Growing up I was always more of my mama's girl but I always always have a soft spot for my Daddy. He is so excited for Cooper and I love him for always being there for us. He is such an amazing cook and I love when he randomly makes me my favorite meals (that only he can cook by the way). It makes my heart melt!

-I'm so thankful for my friends who never cease to amaze me. They've always supported not just myself, but also mine and Jon's relationship. Cooper has so many aunts and uncles who love him already! He has no idea how many people are excited to meet him!

-I can be thankful for my dog, right? Right? Good, because I am. I love this animal more than any human should love an animal. There's just something about him. I'm so thankful that we chose him and that he chose us (I need to tell ya'll that story one day.). I love how excited he gets when we get home. I love how he runs up to the door to greet us, how he cuddles up next to me, how he gets his cute puppy dog eyes when he's in trouble, how he lays his head on my belly, and how he lays next to me all the time. He's my baby boy and I adore him so much!

-I'm in no way too proud to add this in here. I'm thankful for our vacation this year! We had so much fun and got to explore a new city (Charleston, SC!) and got to explore my personal favorite town ever again (Wilmington, NC!). We made so many memories and shared so many laughs....oh and came home a family of three (which we didn't know until a month later!)!! Bless you, Myrtle Beach!

I'm also thankful for (but have no pictures of)
-my job 
-Jon's job
-our home (I have pictures but youuuu have to wait for those!)
-Nestie Besties
-Country music
-Luke Bryan (Judge away!)
-Good TV shows

And last but CERTAINLY not least...

-I'm so thankful for the future arrival of our son! He's already brought so much joy into our lives already and he's not even here yet. I'm getting teary eyed writing this because I'm so emotional and excited to meet him and be his mama. Cooper, there are no words to express how much Mommy and Daddy love you already! Keep growing strong and healthy and we'll see you in a few months!! We love you, baby boy!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

28 Weeks && Hello 3rd Trimester!

Holy bump, Batman!!

-We had our hospital tour last night. Crazy to actually see the place where our miracle will be born!
-Cooper's room is coming along well! So well in fact I'm hoping to show you pictures next week! Fingers crossed!
-My shower was Sunday afternoon and our little man was shown so much love it just melts my heart. A post is coming up on that Friday or Monday...not sure which yet! I need to schedule that!
-Had a doctor's appointment yesterday. Everything looks great! Little man is measuring at almost 3 lbs and measuring 29 weeks! Keep growing, Cooper!! 
-Mama passed her glucose test too! Praise God!! That test was no fun! I have a sexy bruise from one of the draws too. Blech!
-Still feeling so much movement and I love and am grateful for every single minute of it!

This pregnancy is just flying by...our little man will be here before we know it!!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

27 weeks!

No official bump picture this week...


Oh because my back drop that is our office is currently spilling over with everything from the nursery.

It's going to be a crazy next 6 days in this house!

We're having one of my dearest and best friends stay with us Saturday night!

Our last picture we took together! It's been wayyy too long! Fun fact: I was about 13 weeks pregnant in this picture..she was one of the only people besides Jon, our parents, and work that knew this. :) She was so understanding as to why I was so tired and not a whole lot of fun that weekend! I love her!

My shower is Sunday! Eeeekkk!!!

Carpet is getting installed in our bedrooms Monday. 

We have a doctor's appointment and another class on Tuesday. 

Carpets are getting clean on Wednesday. 

I uh...yeah. Just get me through the next six days!! :) 

We have the nursery painted and the border up though!! So that's something!!

I can't wait until next weekend when we can start getting things together so it looks more like a nursery!

Some highlights from this week:

-Definitely getting bigger!
-Took the glucose test today...haven't heard results yet though. Fingers crossed!
-We have dance parties every morning now! They wake me up usually anywhere from 3-5 AM and I just lay there and watch! Reggie gets a liiiitttlle irritated when it wakes him up though. The other night he was laying by my stomach and Cooper kept moving around and finally Reggie stood up and went and laid at the foot of the bed and let out this huge sigh. Hahahaha

Monday, November 12, 2012

Weekend Recap! Part 1

Such a tease but the second recap won't occur until I reveal Cooper's nursery! But I will say we spent a lot of time working in his room and buying things for his room yesterday!

The rest of the weekend was spent at a wedding for two of our friends who started dating while we were in high school.

Enjoy a few pictures:

Proof Jon does dance if enough alcohol is involved...and I love that he's facing a different direction than everyone else!

All three of us :)

The boys singing to "Friends in Low Places"

Friday, November 9, 2012

Maternity Pictures

See the church in the background? We got married there :)

We're busy busy busy this weekend with a wedding that Jon's in...which means rehearsal and dinner tonight and wedding tomorrow. Plus we're going to Ikea on Sunday...and trying to finish painting Cooper's room sometime this weekend too! 

Have a great weekend!!!