Monday, October 15, 2012

I Love Peelers and Weekly Menu

 What the hell are peelers you ask?

We get them through the kids' local sports teams here. You pay a "donation"-usually $10 or $15 and you get the peeler book...the coupons are usually good for a year or better and they more than pay for themselves!

We get them every year usually through one of our co-workers. 

Usually our peeler looks like this:


Only our county's would have local business (like the Burg has an Ihop, Culvers, Fazoli's, or a freaking B Dubs. Pssshhh.)

The kind we got this year had all kindsa good stuff! 

We stayed in town most of the weekend with the exception of a quick run to the Outlets to get this little mama some maternity jeans with a full panel...yep, I'm there, people! And a stop at Target to buy me some new bras...that I have to return. I knew I was bigger but I didn't realize I grew more than a full cup size already. Thanks, baby B!


Let's look at our food cost from the weekend:

Dinner- made chili at home 

Breakfast-made French toast at home
Lunch-Steak n Shake
Dinner-Pizza King (peeler for free breadsticks)

Breakfast-McDonald's (peeler for BOGO sandwich)
Left over Pizza King and an order of crazy bread from Little Ceasar's
$.80 (We had a peeler for the crazy bread...only had to pay for the sauce.)
Hamburger Helper at home

For the entire weekend we spent $27.80 on food. That's amazing!!

Speaking of food...our menu for the week:

Sunday-Hamburger Helper
Monday-Lasagna Roll Ups
Tuesday-Stuffed burgers
Wednesday-out to dinner
Thursday-Baked potato & chicken casserole (New recipe!)
Friday-Taco Bake

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