Thursday, October 18, 2012

23 weeks & Ultrasound Pictures

These bump pictures get worse and worse I swear....hahaha


-We had an ultrasound and was definitely able to verify baby B's gender! (More to come on that in a minute.)
-Still tweaking our registry but we did mange to at least get some more stuff on there now that we know what team we are.
-Bought an abundance of clothes last night!
-Still having a ravenous appetite.
-Feeling lots and lots of kicks, flips, and movement!! Baby B kicked so hard during the ultrasound the wand moved off my belly. hahahaha

Without making you wait anymore...

Meet our precious baby BOY!!!

For questions asked! We got a great money shot...which I will spare you! ;) But we have picture proof now!

We can't wait to meet our handsome little man!!

1 comment:

Maria said...

So happy baby boy cooperated!!! :)
I bet it is feeling more and more real each and every day!! Happy shopping!