Wednesday, October 10, 2012

22 weeks! Travel System && Other things!

Ohhhh heyyyy!!

Another bump installment, anyone?

Ready for the worst bump picture yet??

Fresh outta the shower, no make up, hair not done, and white bra...shecksey.
-Feeling all around bigger this week!
-Feeling movement a lot most days!
-Almost have an outtie now!
-Gave my mom the baby shower guest list last exciting is that?!
-One week from today..hopefully baby B will cooperate and give us a good money shot! Fingers crossed!!

A few other things:

my niece and I...if the baby ends up being a girl-the two girls will share a middle name :)

We also bought our travel system last week:

Grace Spree System in adorable is it, you guys?!?!

And look what we bought to match:


Uhh yeah....guess who's excited?!?!


Maria said...

You look great, Kari!! I love seeing your weekly pictures! Only a few more days until your appointment...I bet you can't wait!
Hope you are relaxing...enjoy the weekend!!
Awesome travel system!

iffatali said...

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