Wednesday, October 31, 2012

25 Weeks!

Happy Halloween!!!!

We're trucking right along over here!! :) 

-Babe is the size of an eggplant this week weighing in around 1.5 lbs (though I'm betting he weighs more.)
-We finally found some pants for the little man...thank you, Target!
-Feeling more movement all the time and loving every single second of it. Even the ones in the ribs that don't exactly tickle. I love those too!
-I feel like I'm going to need an extended arm soon as the bump gets bigger...look how my arm is out stretched! hahaha
-Big things happening for babe's room this week. Post to follow!

Tomorrow I have the day off...I'm working on some posts for the coming weeks, some baby B related, others not. 

Hope everyone has a great Halloween!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

24 weeks, Nursery Happenings, Halloween Costume, and Lots of Spoiling

Oh hii!! Lotsa things happening here!!

For once, my bump picture doesn't look like total garbage this week! And little man is making quite the appearance this week!!

It's been a busy, busy past few days around these parts preparing for little man. 

But first...let's have a run down:

-Little man is now the size of a papaya! Though I don't know exactly how big a papaya is...what I do know is that he should weigh about 1.5 lbs by the end of this week..though I'm gonna go out on a limb and say he's probably already there...he was almost there last week!
-Lots of movement at night still. Or when I blog apparently...say hi, guys!
-Feeling GREAT!
-Can out eat a man still.
-I have to take my glucose test in a few weeks...not looking forward to that. But I'm sure it will be fine!

Our friends, Michael and Britt had a Halloween party last weekend. I made my costume. Enjoy!

If you're wondering..Jon is the guy from Rookie of the Year..Rowengardner or something...I don't know. hahahaha All I know is my costume allowed me to wear sweats and I was happy!

We've made some nursery purchases this week!

We bought this crib!! And I'm in love with it!!


We also bought this bedding set...sort of. We didn't buy the bumper though. ;)


I also bought this lamp base. :) 

And we picked out a color the nursery, too. We have an installation date set for the carpet in a few weeks!

I'm always amazed at how much love people show for our son already. I can't believe how generous people have been buying our little man things and giving us hand me downs. It makes me teary eyed just thinking about it.

Little man's got a bunch of people who love him already!!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

23 weeks & Ultrasound Pictures

These bump pictures get worse and worse I swear....hahaha


-We had an ultrasound and was definitely able to verify baby B's gender! (More to come on that in a minute.)
-Still tweaking our registry but we did mange to at least get some more stuff on there now that we know what team we are.
-Bought an abundance of clothes last night!
-Still having a ravenous appetite.
-Feeling lots and lots of kicks, flips, and movement!! Baby B kicked so hard during the ultrasound the wand moved off my belly. hahahaha

Without making you wait anymore...

Meet our precious baby BOY!!!

For questions asked! We got a great money shot...which I will spare you! ;) But we have picture proof now!

We can't wait to meet our handsome little man!!

Monday, October 15, 2012

I Love Peelers and Weekly Menu

 What the hell are peelers you ask?

We get them through the kids' local sports teams here. You pay a "donation"-usually $10 or $15 and you get the peeler book...the coupons are usually good for a year or better and they more than pay for themselves!

We get them every year usually through one of our co-workers. 

Usually our peeler looks like this:


Only our county's would have local business (like the Burg has an Ihop, Culvers, Fazoli's, or a freaking B Dubs. Pssshhh.)

The kind we got this year had all kindsa good stuff! 

We stayed in town most of the weekend with the exception of a quick run to the Outlets to get this little mama some maternity jeans with a full panel...yep, I'm there, people! And a stop at Target to buy me some new bras...that I have to return. I knew I was bigger but I didn't realize I grew more than a full cup size already. Thanks, baby B!


Let's look at our food cost from the weekend:

Dinner- made chili at home 

Breakfast-made French toast at home
Lunch-Steak n Shake
Dinner-Pizza King (peeler for free breadsticks)

Breakfast-McDonald's (peeler for BOGO sandwich)
Left over Pizza King and an order of crazy bread from Little Ceasar's
$.80 (We had a peeler for the crazy bread...only had to pay for the sauce.)
Hamburger Helper at home

For the entire weekend we spent $27.80 on food. That's amazing!!

Speaking of food...our menu for the week:

Sunday-Hamburger Helper
Monday-Lasagna Roll Ups
Tuesday-Stuffed burgers
Wednesday-out to dinner
Thursday-Baked potato & chicken casserole (New recipe!)
Friday-Taco Bake

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

22 weeks! Travel System && Other things!

Ohhhh heyyyy!!

Another bump installment, anyone?

Ready for the worst bump picture yet??

Fresh outta the shower, no make up, hair not done, and white bra...shecksey.
-Feeling all around bigger this week!
-Feeling movement a lot most days!
-Almost have an outtie now!
-Gave my mom the baby shower guest list last exciting is that?!
-One week from today..hopefully baby B will cooperate and give us a good money shot! Fingers crossed!!

A few other things:

my niece and I...if the baby ends up being a girl-the two girls will share a middle name :)

We also bought our travel system last week:

Grace Spree System in adorable is it, you guys?!?!

And look what we bought to match:


Uhh yeah....guess who's excited?!?!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Grocery Shopping

I posted awhile back about our grocery shopping ways...but I must say, they have changed a bit...for the better.

Grocery shopping and I had a hate relationship with one another during my first trimester. Now we're back to our old ways!

For me, I can't just get up and go. I have to have a list. A year ago or so, I'd make the list and follow it..yet still come home with a trunk load full of stuff and ended up throwing half of it out a couple months down the road. 

So, I started couponing...not extreme couponing or anything crazy. I just signed up for the rewards program at the store in town and started buying the Sunday Indianapolis Star. 

I also started looking at ads before I went to the store. I always try to pick up a hard copy at the store when they come out on Wednesday or if I can, I'll snag one from the paper at work so I have it. From there, I'll start planning my trip.

I make a meal plan, too. A plan is set in stone (ish) for dinner only, but I make sure we have options for breakfast and well as snacks.

Below is a picture of my grocery shopping tools:

Grocery ad, white board for menu, coupon organizer, note pad
I'm missing one important tool in this picture...the lap top. I use the computer for meal planning, mainly...thanks to Pinterest! I also have a recipe box I bust out, too. If I use a card from the card box I'll pull it out and set it aside for my next step. I try to cook at least one new meal a week...if I don't find a new meal to try, I'll at least try for a new side.

I start with a scratch piece of paper and start jotting down ideas for dinner. Then I'll rearrange as I need to-making sure I don't have one meat twice in a row, etc. Once I nail it down, I'll write down the plan on the white board that goes back on the fridge.

From here, I start making my list. The first thing I do is jot down things from the meal plan I will need. This is where pulling the recipe cards out comes into play. After that, I go through the fridge, freezer, and pantry and jot down any staples we are running low on/out of. (Usually if I run out of something, I write it down ASAP.) Then I go through the ad to see if there are things on sale that we would use. Finally, I go through my coupons-pulling out any that I can use for the list. I also go through and make sure I don't have any expiring. If I do, I'll try to use those but if we don't need it-I don't just spend the money to save a few bucks. Make sense?

Grocery list-I mark items that I have a coupon for with a dot. If an item is on sale, I mark the sale on the list as well. Example: Chips were 2 for $5 this week.
I make sure to keep the ad with me in case I need to do any last minute changing/investigating. I also bring my coupon organizer and of course, my list.

Thanks to my list making, depending on crowds, I can get in and out of the grocery store in 30-45 minutes. I know my way around the store that I can look on my list and make sure I have everything from one side of the store before I venture to the other side.

The loot for the week-and a Reggie photo bomb.
30-45 minutes later I come away with this:

27% savings? I'll take it!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

We are Chuckstrong.




This win today was for you, Coach.

You're going to beat this and be back on the sidelines with our boys in no time.

You have millions of people praying and pulling for you. We know you are going to come back stronger than ever.

Until then, we'll keep pulling through and remain Chuckstrong for you.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

21 weeks!

Not much to report this week but here we go:

-Baby B is the size of a banana this week! (B-a-n-a-n-a-s!)
-I couldn't pick just one picture...I love how Reg is looking at us in the second picture. And would you believe I only took two pictures for my bump picture. I'm getting to be a pro at this!
-I can still out eat almost any man.
-I'm thirsty all the time. I'm on my second glass of OJ in an hour.
-I'm starting to feel baby B move off and on throughout the day, but he/she is still more active in the early evenings or when I'm just laying on the couch/bed relaxing.
-I had my first wave of leg cramps yesterday morning. Ouuuch!! They are not messing around when they say that leg cramps will wake you up out of a dead sleep. Man!

Two more weeks until our next ultrasound!! Yipee!!!!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Weekend of Fun, Randomness, and It's October?!

This weekend was so fun!!

We were busy busy busy all weekend!

Saturday, we finally got to see my precious niece and her mama who was nice enough to bring us so much baby stuff, including some activity mats, a walker, a changing table, a boatload of different types of diapers, and a car seat!

I love that Skylar's head is resting on the baby bump :)

After spending time with them, Jon and I went to Cincinnati for the day and started our registry at Buy Buy Baby! We always have so much fun looking at all the baby stuff.

Then we went to dinner at Quaker Steak & Lube!! OMG..delicious! 1/2 rack of ribs and two sides? Don't mind if I do! Hell, I could have had the full rack and been okay with that. My appetite rivals a grown man these days!

Sunday, we went up to Indianapolis to do so more baby browsing. You should see two adults trying to figure out the "one hand fold and go" strollers. By the end of one of them, I had to sit down I was laughing so hard and I kept saying,"Stop talking or I'll pee myself!" hahahaha 

Pregnant Girl Problems! 

We think we found one that we like and we're planning on ordering it in December!!

Sunday afternoon we met up with my old college roommate from freshmen year, Mel and her husband, Michael, and my favorite little boy, Charlie. He's such a little charmer. I think Jon being at dinner cramped Charlie's style a little bit since I'm his girlfriend and all. :) He was giving out kisses to me left and right I just love him! And it was so good to finally meet Michael and to catch up with Mel. I couldn't have picked a better roommate and I love that we still talk. :) 

From the weekend plans I'm gonna go real and honest for a second..I haven't posted about this yet because's still hard for me to talk about without getting upset, but...

Remember my reveal post?? 

Our little All Star?? 

Well, our little All Star could very well turn out to be a Princess.



I had some really strange pain on Monday (our ultrasound was the Wednesday before) and I had a scheduled appointment with my doctor two days later. I toughed it out, but stayed home from work and called the doctor to see if I should be doing anything for RLP (Round Ligament Pain). I got a shock of, "Did anyone all you after the ultrasound?" I panic stickenly said "No..why?" The answer I got was,"Don't worry-the baby is growing and healthy as can be! But what the tech thought was a little penis, was actually a foot in the shot we have. So, we're still unsure. We're setting you up with another ultrasound."

Again I say..




Don't get me wrong...I'm elated regardless of the sex but SOMEONE should have called us and said what she pointed out to us was a foot. No one did. We were already planning on having another ultrasound just to be sure, but yeah, this sealed the deal for us.

October 17th, please hurry up!!!

Let's see...what else is up in our little world??

It's freaking October which means next month is our baby shower (yes, this early...Indiana winter SAH-UCK), Thanksgiving, and the start of our prenatal classes. December we finishes classes, then of course we have Christmas!. January...January..I uh...we have a baby the next month!! YOU. GUYS.

I'm off to start my lists-lists of what?? 

Take your pick:
-Baby stuff that needs to be done/bough
-Shower list/addresses
-Christmas gifts
-Random other stuff that needs done before the end of the year
-Thanksgiving plans
-etc etc etc

I leave with you this guy:

You're welcome!

Oh and Happy Freaking Monday!!