Wednesday, September 26, 2012

20 weeks!


That's right..we're half way done with this pregnancy. Whaaaattt??

I know, I know..brown pants + black shirt = sexy. I had on a cuter outfit today, I promise...but, I always take my bump picture in this shit so yyeah. :)

Let's chit chat about this week:

-We started our registry over the weekend. Holy overwhelming, Batman!!
-I'm having horrible round ligament pain/in general stretching pain. My ute is straight sitting on my pelvic bone...I swear it. ;)
-My back is hurting a lot.
-I could care less how much pain I'm in....I felt the baby kick this week!!!!!!!!!! (x a million !!'s)
-We're having another ultrasound on October 17th to verify the gender since we don't really have a money shot picture. Bless my doctor. 
-Little change up is occurring with my doctor. He now won't be delivering at the hospital in my town so we'll have to go to the next town over. I'd love to know who I need to start shin kicking at that hospital! My mom works at the hospital in my town...cut me some slack!
-I'm feeling a little...overwhelmed right now, to be honest. Overwhelmed of, holy shit, we're really having this baby! Overwhelmed of, we have so much stuff to do, how are we going to get it all done, I'm 5 months pregnant. FIVE MONTHS PREGNANT. Overwhelmed of, I don't want to wait until October 17th to verify gender, I want to know for sure now. Overwhelmed of, I'm gonna be someone's MOM. What if I'm not good at that? Oh em gee, you guys.

On a side note to make this short and sweet and try not to get too negative. I think that sometimes, we need to cut the drama out of our lives, regardless of how long it's been there. I don't care what anyone thinks about what we're naming our sons/daughters/pets/etc, to send hateful messages about my baby and his name just makes me angry.

Kind of a downer sort of post...totally unintentional! 

Just feeling very overwhelmed...still very happy and excited to finally be a mama!

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Maria said...

Happy halfway there!! Time IS flying!! I hope it gets you to the 17th quickly!
And the rlp says see ya later! :)
Happy October!