Thursday, September 13, 2012

18 weeks!

-Lovebug is the size of a sweet potato! 
-Sleeping isn't too comfortable right now...I finally get comfortable (thank you, body pillow), fall asleep, wake up to go pee, lather, rinse, repeat. ;)
-Energy is starting to come back!
-Got my first comment from a stranger. A customer at work touched my stomach (I pretended I didn't wanna spout off. I don't like random people touching my bump, thank you!) and said,"You're expecting!!" I've never seen them before so I'll count it. I've had a few of my regular customers notice about a month ago because they usually see me every week or so so they obviously noticed the difference.
-Reggie Monster has taken such a liking to the baby. When I get home now, it's no longer "Shower Mama with kisses and loves." It's, "Mama, bend down so I can give the baby lovins." Watching TV in our house? It's no longer, "Mama, I wanna lay on your lap and sleep." It's, "Mama, I'm gonna put my head on your belly and just lay there."
-We're starting to clean out the spare bedroom so we can start turning it into a nursery (You guys...A NURSERY!) in a few weeks!

One more thing...what is it?

Oh yeah...

If Lovebug cooperates *pats belly lovingly*


Guesses, anyone?


Maria said...

happy 18 weeks!!!
a sweet potato! :) that's so cool...i think i am at a lime hahaha.
i'm excited to find out next week...i'm think you're having a girl!

Rachael Farris said...

Awe your little bump looks like a BUMP this week!! I can't wait to find out what you're having :) I honestly think it's a boy, but I always say everyone should have a little girl cuz they're so.much.FUN.