Thursday, August 16, 2012

Are you ready..I mean ready...ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL?

Yeah yeah Hank doesn't do that song anymore. Whatevs.


Where do I even want to start? I have a blue million things I want to talk about on this topic.

Why don't we start with this guy:

Now first of all...let me preface by saying I was stupidly listening to the radio Sunday morning and heard, "This kid is not Peyton.He will never be Peyton." Well no shit. Thanks. 

After the game it's a different story. "Ohhh he did PHENOMENAL! And that, my friends, is why he was the number 1 draft pick!" Oh PUH-LEASE. You guys flip flop more than politicians.

And I'd also like to add that the next stupid sports writer/other person that says "The preseason game is just that. Preseason. That does not mean he'll do well in regular season. And for crying out loud they played THE RAMS." 

Oh really?

Funny-because I'm sure if instead of 10/16 he went 2/16 (Irony there. GET IT?!) that they would be all,"Oh this kid is NOT gonna cut it in the NFL."

Yes, we played the Rams. But I'm not sure if ya'll saw last season..but we got beat by the damn Browns. THE BROWNS for crying out loud. And I don't expect to win more than a handful of games this season strictly because we're rebuilding. I'm not delusional. That doesn't mean I don't believe in the team-I just know where we're at in the building processing.

And MIGHT I ADD, Manning's rookie season? Oh yeah we won three games that season. No one remembers that. But half of the Colts "fans" can't tell you the name of the quarterback before Peyton. But I digress. There is a reason we were voted the #1 fair weather fans in the NFL. All I'm sayin. Not this girl however. I may have been cussing like a sailor every week last season but I didn't miss a game. 

I was going to write my thoughts on other teams but basically we'll just do a Cliff's Notes:

-Anthony Spencer of the Cowboys is a badass. And a sweet heart. Rest of the Cowboys I can take or leave. And I don't beware of D Ware thanks.
-Bengals will be good this year. Better than the Ravens. There. I said it. 
-I still don't like the Patriots. But my hatred for them lessens by the season. 
-My hatred for the Chargers grows by the season. For someone who has never even made it to a Super Bowl, Philip Rivers needs to shut his mouth and worry about his 23894730257 children. I was at the game where he flipped off Colts fans. I still am bitter about that. Take your millions of dollars and keep on trucking, ass. 
-I have no respect for the Saints. Zero. Zilch. Peyton's neck issues really started after that Super Bowl. All I'm saying. Ask Sean Payton how welcoming Indianapolis was to him for the Super Bowl this year. We were nice to Mr. Brees (BOILER UP!) but not Payton. No no he can fly a kite. I'm not Kenny Chesney and you're not my boy of fall. And you knew about the shit that was going down. Enjoy your time off.  
-My Super Bowl prediction right now: Houston Texans and Chicago Bears. I can already hear the Chicago fans now. "Where are the Colts? Not in the Super Bowl this year." Oh can it. We beat you in the Super Bowl. I could care less if you beat us in the first game at Lucas Oil. We have our rings and they're pretty. Thank you have a nice day! My phone will be off the whole week before the Super Bowl if the Bears go-I assure you.
Sorry-took a Chinese food time out. Now me and Love Bug are happy and full. 

Okay where was I??

Oh other most favorite part of fall/winter.

Fantasy Football!!!

Ohhhhhhhhhh  Myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Lllllllllllllllllllllllllanta!!!

I do love me some Fantasy Football. 

I'm in two leagues-one with my Nestie Besties and one with a group of our friends..which I'm the only girl. 

I recently found a blog recently that I love because well-I can respect any girl who's blog name is "Love, Fun, and Football". And she's from Cincinnati which is only an hour from me which is pretty damn awesome. 

Here are directions copied from Erin's blog:

  • Go to the ESPN Group Directory HERE.
  • Search for our group, it's called: Blogger Challenge
  • You'll need a password to join, ours is: BLOG2012
  • From there, you pick your team-- just be sure you don't go over the $50M salary cap!

Sign up, and share on your blog!! 

I don't get into many things in life...but football. Football I definitely do. I posted before when Peyton got released the I bawled like a baby...I mean...I was a little upset.

Kenny Chesney was in town a few weeks ago. The following Monday people were calling into the radio station complaining about how Kenny was rude to them. And several said they asked him if he was happy to be in Indianapolis. He answer was I could take it or leave every fan who asked. Then several asked how he felt about Luck and the Colts now and he said,"Peyton's gone." 


I...I didn't know that Peyton left? Let's straighten a few things out Kenny. First of all, let's talk about how you screw us over every year when we're the big "last stop" on your tour. When Denver was the last stop-you surprised them with Tim McGraw. When Nashville was your last stop-they got GEORGE. STRAIGHT. When Indianapolis is your last stop? We get Uncle Kracker. Are you serious? He makes my ears bleed. Second of all-don't talk to us about Peyton leaving. It will put grown men in tears around these parts. We lost our quarterback because our owner is a liar and a moron. We lost someone who built a chldren's hospital, bought pretty much every one who lived downtown a round at some point in their life (myself included), and genuinely loves every thing about this city. He was straight bawling when he had his press conference. I'm pretty sure he misses us just as much as we miss him. I assure you if I ever am lucky enough to see him one day. I will shake his hand, probably cry, and thank him for every single thing he did for our city.

 So if you don't like Indianapolis, that's fine. I won't waste my money to come see you then. No skin off my back. I'm tired of seeing you play the same songs year after year anyways. I'll save my money and see people who seem to actually like our city.

I'm off my big major soap box!

Happy Fantasy Football && Happy Football Season!!

Yell...Scream...GO HORSE!!!

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Maria said...

it's so cute you know so much about football. steve is all ready to join his drafts starting next weekend. him and his friends crack me up! maybe i'll learn something this season :)