Wednesday, August 15, 2012

14 weeks-"Legit Pregnant" and Pregnancy Nutrition Class

First of all, thank you all so much from the bottom of my heart for every comment and email!! 

Jon and I are over the moon excited and we feel so blessed at how much love Baby B is already being given!

So thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Jon came home from a weekend in Chicago (butthead!) and said,"Whoa!! You look like..LEGIT pregnant!

As opposed to illegit? Is that even a word? Non legit? 

Ah hell..I'm too legit to quit now!
(Sorry, I had to.)

14 weeks and a little rouunnder than last week I feel like. The bump seems to be..I don't know growing upwards?

This week I had my pregnancy nutrition class. My friend Sam went to it and she said she didn't really get much out of it. Therefore, I wasn't expecting too much. Boy, was I wrong!

They gave us a personalized eating plan based out how much weight we should gain throughout the pregnancy...along with plenty of food ideas that would fit within our given caloric intake. When I say food ideas I'm not talking,"Two egg whites and a piece of plain whole wheat toast" for breakfast. I'm talking frozen waffles with butter and syrup. You don't say, doc? That's what I had the other day!

So now I have a good idea of things that are great for me and the babe to have. 

Honestly, not a whole lot will change. I don't eat a whole lot of sweets right now-unless you count fruit.

I don't. Neither does the nutritionist. 

I don't drink caffeine. 

I'd like to try eating more vegetables but little Love Bug has been showing the middle finger to vegetables with the exception of potatoes and corn on the those even count?!

Thumbs up to the nutrition class!!

Our next appointment is coming up on August 29th!! So excited! At that appointment we'll schedule the big 20 week ultrasound...gender ultrasound!! Do you know what this means?!

I'll be on Pinterest for hours searching for a cute way to reveal Love Bug's gender!


Meagan said...

So fun! You look too cute :)

gene bernice said...
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Maria said...

ahhhh, you are so adorable, kari! i LOVE your bump! i am so excited for you...just a little over a month and you will know the gender. :)