Thursday, June 14, 2012

Recipes & A Few Photos


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The past few weeks have been a total blur....super busy! 

Last weekend was my adorable niece's graduation. How she's old enough to graduate high school I'll never know!

me with the graduate :)

my JJ with her Aunt Kari and Uncle Jon

I still cannot believe she's a high school graduate! She wrote us the sweeeeeetest card that I got in the mail this week...telling us how great of an aunt and uncle Jon and I are. :) How adorable is she? And check out all of her fancy "flair" little girl is a smarty pants too!

This week was very busy for me. In fact, tonight is the first night I've cooked dinner since LAST WEEK.

I went to dinner with my friend Cort on Monday..which was wayyy over due. I need wingman time more often! I still remember when she lived FOR-EVER away in North Carolina. I missed her so much. Now we live 5 minutes away. I love that.

Tuesday night, I had a pitch-in with the girls I work was luau themed. :) I made two desserts..both of which I was pretty damn proud of!

Luau Cupcakes

Sand Pudding

 Both of these were a HUGE hit!! And honestly-they were SUUUUPER easy!! 

Last night I got to see my old roommate Linds. I love that girl to pieces. She makes me laugh so hard that I always end up crying from laughing. Can't beat that!

Today I had the day off...I've been SO tired lately so I slept a lot, ran a few errands, popped in some OTH and started on my newest Pinterest project I blogged about the other day. 

Start of my 4th of July wreath

Hope you all have a GREAT weekend!!


Meagan said...

Ooh, I love those luau cupcakes and sand pudding! I'm going to Hawaii next week, so those might make the dessert menu for Father's Day. Thanks for sharing! :)

Maria said...

Yay for making the weath! Can't wait to see it!
Ahh, those cupcakes are so stinking cute...and I would love to dive into that sand pudding right about now!
So glad you had a nice week with your sweet niece, friends and Jon!
Thanks for the smiles, Kari!'d be fun to shake our asses @ a country concert someday!
Your last comment made me :)