Thursday, June 28, 2012

Curse of the Five Paycheck Month

It's true.

Our household has a curse. What's the curse you ask? 

Well, every month that we get five pay checks, something in the house/car/something breaks.

Don't believe me?

One month I broke a tooth-the MONTH before our dental insurance took affect. $500.

Our furnace went out for the first time. $300.

Air conditioner broke two days before our new one came in...when it was still 90+ at 11 at night and we had to call for a very after hours call. $300.

Fridge went out. $500.

Car brakes on J's car. $500.

New tires on J's car. $400.

Something on my car. $350.

This month? Well........

On Father's Day I got up early and decided to start laundry. 

I did my normal load the washer, start it, put detergent in, go on my merry way.

45 minutes later I went into make sure the washer was done. It wasn't making noise. So duh, it was done.

I open the lid...

Open the dryer door..

Put my hand in the washer...

And realize I'm elbow deep in water.

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO AWESOME as my little cousin Jenna would say.

I holler for Jon. (Yeah I said holler hahaha)

He comes in and fiddles with it for a minute. Calls our dads. They determine it was some switch.

Then we Google. Google tells us the switch for our model is over 300 smackers. A new washer is just a little more than that.

So we stand there for over an hour draining our washer with a Reds pitcher and a California Pizza cup...we. are. classy.

Fill said containers, dump in the bathtub. 

Soak up more water in towels. One of us stands in the tub stomping on the towels to get the water out to throw them back in our poor drowned washer.

The whole time laughing.

Jon says,"And the Five Paycheck Monster strikes again!"

An hour later we're taking our soaking wet towels over to my mom and dad' a trash bag. Classy, I tell you, and do a load of laundry there. 

Then we head to Sears and buy this baby:

It's so much quieter than old shithead. 

And for the record-June has been my favorite month of the year so far!!!

Take that Paycheck Monster.
(PS Please be kind to us though!)


Dreams Do Come True said...

My Granny always told me if you buy a new washer or dryer buy them both at the same time because in 3 months the other will go out.

Visiting from Dreams Do Come True

Maria said...

ohh man, i'm so sorry, kari! you gave me a good laugh with your descriptions. man, it is so great to have those five check months but when crap like that happens, it makes you grrrr.
i'm glad shithead has been replaced and the new one is nice n' quiet! :)
thinking of you lots!
maria <3