Thursday, June 28, 2012

Curse of the Five Paycheck Month

It's true.

Our household has a curse. What's the curse you ask? 

Well, every month that we get five pay checks, something in the house/car/something breaks.

Don't believe me?

One month I broke a tooth-the MONTH before our dental insurance took affect. $500.

Our furnace went out for the first time. $300.

Air conditioner broke two days before our new one came in...when it was still 90+ at 11 at night and we had to call for a very after hours call. $300.

Fridge went out. $500.

Car brakes on J's car. $500.

New tires on J's car. $400.

Something on my car. $350.

This month? Well........

On Father's Day I got up early and decided to start laundry. 

I did my normal load the washer, start it, put detergent in, go on my merry way.

45 minutes later I went into make sure the washer was done. It wasn't making noise. So duh, it was done.

I open the lid...

Open the dryer door..

Put my hand in the washer...

And realize I'm elbow deep in water.

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO AWESOME as my little cousin Jenna would say.

I holler for Jon. (Yeah I said holler hahaha)

He comes in and fiddles with it for a minute. Calls our dads. They determine it was some switch.

Then we Google. Google tells us the switch for our model is over 300 smackers. A new washer is just a little more than that.

So we stand there for over an hour draining our washer with a Reds pitcher and a California Pizza cup...we. are. classy.

Fill said containers, dump in the bathtub. 

Soak up more water in towels. One of us stands in the tub stomping on the towels to get the water out to throw them back in our poor drowned washer.

The whole time laughing.

Jon says,"And the Five Paycheck Monster strikes again!"

An hour later we're taking our soaking wet towels over to my mom and dad' a trash bag. Classy, I tell you, and do a load of laundry there. 

Then we head to Sears and buy this baby:

It's so much quieter than old shithead. 

And for the record-June has been my favorite month of the year so far!!!

Take that Paycheck Monster.
(PS Please be kind to us though!)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Get your tissues.

This is going to be one sappy filled post filled with a lot of cryptic things and whatnot. Sorry-I promise I'll update you all on what's been going on and my lack of posting in a few weeks, hopefully! But I will say-just send some spare good things happen to us vibes our way PLEASE!!

On to the sap...

Jon is the most amazing guy in the world. I know, I know, I've said it a million times. 

But ya know what....

It's the truth. 

He's been taking such good care of me for the past two days. 

I love him so much. And I love days like today where I get to spend an extra hour with him for lunch. There's something about kicking back, eating (eh sorta), and watching some One Tree Hill (How bad does Dan Scott just SUCK in the very beginning? Or 99% of the time...whatevs.)

Back to my wonderful husband, sometimes I truly don't know what I did to deserve someone so wonderful. He makes me laugh, holds me when I'm crying/stressing out/etc, and holds my hand when I'm nervous. And he lets me sleep on him, takes Reg out when I don't feel well, and calls and text messages me throughout the day to check on me. 

Thank you for everything, Jon! This is going to be great-I just know it!!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Recipes & A Few Photos


&& Welcome to my new followers!! 

The past few weeks have been a total blur....super busy! 

Last weekend was my adorable niece's graduation. How she's old enough to graduate high school I'll never know!

me with the graduate :)

my JJ with her Aunt Kari and Uncle Jon

I still cannot believe she's a high school graduate! She wrote us the sweeeeeetest card that I got in the mail this week...telling us how great of an aunt and uncle Jon and I are. :) How adorable is she? And check out all of her fancy "flair" little girl is a smarty pants too!

This week was very busy for me. In fact, tonight is the first night I've cooked dinner since LAST WEEK.

I went to dinner with my friend Cort on Monday..which was wayyy over due. I need wingman time more often! I still remember when she lived FOR-EVER away in North Carolina. I missed her so much. Now we live 5 minutes away. I love that.

Tuesday night, I had a pitch-in with the girls I work was luau themed. :) I made two desserts..both of which I was pretty damn proud of!

Luau Cupcakes

Sand Pudding

 Both of these were a HUGE hit!! And honestly-they were SUUUUPER easy!! 

Last night I got to see my old roommate Linds. I love that girl to pieces. She makes me laugh so hard that I always end up crying from laughing. Can't beat that!

Today I had the day off...I've been SO tired lately so I slept a lot, ran a few errands, popped in some OTH and started on my newest Pinterest project I blogged about the other day. 

Start of my 4th of July wreath

Hope you all have a GREAT weekend!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Show and Tell VLOG

Linking up with the Show and Tell VLOG! Enjoy!!

Thanks to Becky and Raven for hosting!!

And just in case the video doesn't!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Dear Pinterest, Thanks!! Love, Kari

We're planning on doing the following projects thanks to Pinterest. And when I say "we" I mean me and I'll beg Jon to help me...mwahahaha

Pinned Image

Pinned Image


Pinned Image


**I actually made smaller ones with vases for our bedroom. See here.)

Pinned Image
(Wasn't able to find the source for this picture.)

I'm doing this as well, but instead of the scrabble letters, I'm printing off small pictures of us from the wedding. 

Pinned Image


And I'm making these delicious looking concoctions as well:

Pinned Image

**We're having a Margaritaville girls night with my co-workers next Tuesday night and I'm in charge of cute are these?!**

Thanks, Pinterest!!!

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Sunday, June 3, 2012

What's For Dinner Sunday


WFDS is back!! Took a little hiatus due to our vacation!

Monday-Stuffed hamburgers, corn on the cob, and some sort of fries
Tuesday-Pizza Pasta
Wednesday-Chicken stuffed crescents, mashed potatoes
Thursday-OOT for a jewelry party
Friday-Hamburger Helper

It's going to be a busy (&& dirty week) around this household. They start working on putting our new furnace in tomorrow. Hopefully they're done by Tuesday afternoon...fingers crossed!!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Vacation Recap-Reviews and Cost Breakdown

Unlike my other vacation recap-this post will not be picture heavy. Sowwy!

Let's get started, shall we?


Red Roof Inn, Asheville NC

We were able to leave Saturday afternoon and drive about halfway down so we didn't have to make the 12 hour trek in the middle of the night. The only thing I didn't like about this hotel was it had outdoor access to your room. I effing hate that. It scares me actually. But it was close to a Dunkin Donuts and that's good enough for me.

Coral Reef, Myrtle Beach, SC

Love love LOVED this hotel! We got the "Oceanfront Deluxe Room". It had two beds, two dressers, a good sized balcony, and a kitchen area complete with a fridge, stove, and cabinets. Yes, please. It also came furnished with dishes, silverware, pots and pans. Some people apparently cook on vacation? Hah. Not me!

It was literally right on the beach! Parking was all across the street..which sort of sucked, but they had plenty of parking-including a parking garage so we never had to worry about finding a spot.

There was a restaurant attached to the hotel but we never ate there so I'm not sure how that was.

The hotel was very clean-every day our room was cleaned and I had no complaints. And we had hot water every time we took a shower unlike last year. BONUS!


Combo-Harbor and Carriage Tours, Charleston, SC

Harbor Tour: Left right on time. Very informative. Had a parking lot attached to where you were going that was free so that was helpful. The boat had a little snack bar and everything on board which was nice because it was about an hour and a half long. The guides were great and informative. There were two guides at all times and when one was talking the other was going around answering questions and taking pictures for you.

Carriage Tour: Amazing! Loved our guide. He was funny and knowledgeable. We got to see all kinds of things from the oldest church in Charleston to dolphins (!!) to Bill Murray's house. :)

Ghostwalk & Graveyard Tour, Charleston, SC

Our guide was more interested in giving history lessons than telling stories. She told a few of them here and there but they were in passing. I can think of two she went in depth about...maybe three. I was excited to see the graveyard part and thought that was be fun and exciting. She basically showed us why people put things on their stones and said,"Oh and this guy supposedly paces the grave yard at night. People say that's why the stones are sunk here." That was it. Ooookay. Not to mention, she seemed kind of rude. Another tour guide said hi to her and asked how she was and her tone when she spoke back to him made her seem very rude and unkind. And if I heard the term, "You're walking on the dead all the time" one more time...I was going to pull my hair out.

Pelican's Game

Loved the stadium! It was nice and clean. The only thing I didn't like about it was the lack of food choices. I need some food if I'm gonna be pleasurable to be around! ;)

Ripley's Aquarium

We've seen it before and we loved it then. The only reason we went back this year was for the dinosaur exhibit..which was really just one small room. Nothing fancy. Still fun though! I can't stand it when they always have people trying to get you to buy pictures. No thanks!

Alligator Adventure

It was fun and something new for us to do. The food and drinks there were DIRT CHEAP. And they had Cheerwine in the fountain. Yes sir! It was fairly small though...I expected it to be bigger than it actually was.


Ultimate California Pizza, Myrtle Beach, SC

Little pricey, but the food was very good!

Pace's Pizza Balls, Charleston, SC

Jon found this place online. It was AMAZING!!! Oh it was so good. I ate every thing on my plate-so did Jon.

Wild Wing Cafe, Charleston, SC

I got the pulled pork sandwich and Jon got wings. We loved both of them! I love a good BBQ sandwich though and really does it get better than Carolina BBQ? I think not!

Dockside, Wrightsville Beach, NC

We didn't want to eat outside because it had been raining so we ate in their upstairs room...which would have been nice if it wasn't for the flies. Gross. I got the club sandwich which was great and Jon got a burger. So good!

Sharkey's, Myrtle Beach, SC
Grade-C, at best

Jon and I both got the burgers. $6 Burger special. But you had to add $1.00 for cheese. My burger was so small..I took off about half the bun. And the fries were so peppery I couldn't hardly eat them.

Outback, Myrtle Beach, SC

We had a gift card here so we wanted to use it on vacation. We both got drinks that were delicious! Our steaks were amazing. The only reason it didn't get an A from me is because when we ordered desert-I ordered the Key Lime Pie. It didn't say any where in the description that the crust was made with nuts. I can't eat nuts. I'm allergic. And I wanted some key lime pie dammit! ;)

Fire Island Grill, Myrtle Beach, SC

We went to lunch there at around 2:30 and the place was dead yet it took FOREVER to get our food. I got the fish sandwich which was amazing. Jon got the burger which he said was "alright". They were both served on pretzel rolls. Good for my fish-not sure if the burger was good on that or not. Jon just said the burger was "bland".

Hungry Howie's, Myrtle Beach, SC

We've always wanted to try HH but there isn't one close to us at home. We got the butter cheese crust and Howie bread. We had a coupon for both of them for $10 but they didn't honor the coupon. It wasn't even really a coupon it was a deal they were running. It was only $2.50 more but still. The pizza was really good but I expected the crust to be a little more distinctive.

(These aren't exact just estimations.)

Rental Car-$267.00
Hotel-$78.00 (Asheville)
Hotel-$467.00 (MB)
Gas- $245.00
Food-$200.00 (including the food we brought from home)
Souvenirs- $70.00

GRAND TOTAL-$1,627.00

Not bad for a week's vacation in my book!!

Vacation Recap-Beachin' It

I want to tell you that we didn't spend much time at the beach and we didn't spend HOURS looking at the ocean but I'd be lying. :)


View from our balcony. We ate breakfast here every morning and spent hours here just watching the waves

Love the sun. Love the beach. Love him. :)

Got my flippy floppies :)

Love this picture

Beach kisses xoxo

Handsome :)