Thursday, May 31, 2012

Vacation Recap-Ripley's Aquarium, Alligator Adventure, and Pelicans game

Jon and I spent a full day at Broadway at the Beach and about half a day at Barefoot Landing. We had never been to BL before and we really weren't too keen on it. We kept getting turned around because there were so many different little sidewalks/boardwalks to walk down.

We did go to Ripley's Aquarium and Alligator Adventure though. We loved both of them!

We also went to a Pelicans game. Jon loves baseball and he loves the show (loved I suppose-it's over now) Eastbound and Down. It was taped in Myrtle Beach and Kenny Powers plays baseball at the Pelicans stadium..though they're called Mermen on the show. So we made sure to check out the stadium. :)

This little guy was at Broadway at the Beach. The picture was not zoomed in whatsoever. And I'm scared of any kind of included.

You could actually touch the dinosaurs..and they moved. It. Was. Awesome!

I was obsessed with the baby dinosaur.

Sunkissed skin

This was the biggest skull found of any predator. NO THANK YOU.

Sweetest creature ever!

Jon and I swore this thing was fake...hell, it even had moss growing on it. Definitely looked at us though.

Tail less alligator

We stayed for the alligator feeding. Check out that action shot.

Pelican's Game

It was rainy and kind of chilly that night. But we still had a blast!

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Maria said...

ahh, those alligators are crazy! love it!
you both got a nice tan going :)