Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Vacation Recap-Charleston

 The first full day we were there, Jon and I took a little day trip to Charleston, SC. It took just under two hours to drive there. It was literally two turns to get there. We had planned on grabbing lunch, taking a harbor tour, then doing a carriage tour, grabbing dinner, and doing a ghost walk. Put a check mark by ALL of those. :)

We got to Charleston around noon and grabbed dinner at Pace's Pizza Balls. Delicious!! (I'll do a review of places we stayed/ate/did/etc at the end of the recap like I always do-as well as a cost sheet.) We then drove to the harbor and waited for our tour to start.

Hope you like pictures ;) This post is FULL of them!

Charleston Harbor

Not sure what my arm is doing there..but I love this picture of us. It will be framed...after it's cropped. ;)

looking out at the harbor

Our harbor tour boat. Jon and I sat on the top deck next to the the orange life preserver.

My handsome husband


us on the boat

Fort Sumter

Beautiful homes-I told Jon I wanted the one in the middle

Us on the boat again


Love this shot-it looks like a post card

After the harbor tour we hauled butts (like that Little Rascals reference?) and made it to the carriage tour. They were supposed to stop at 4:00 (We may or may not have gotten there with about fifteen minutes to spare) but they extended it because there were so many people left to take it.

The carriage tour was exactly what you'd imagine. It was a horse drawn carriage taking you through downtown Charleston. Jon and I love history and this tour was perfect for us. Plus we all know how much I love architecture and design so this was right up my ally. :)

One of the oldest churches in Charleston. Charleston has always been a city with freedom of religion so it has more churches per square mile than any other city in the US.

Just look at that house!

If you look just a shade to the left you'll see a dolphin fin! That's right-we saw bottle nose dolphins twice-on the harbor tour and on the carriage tour.

After the harbor tour we got dinner at Wild Wings Cafe. So good! I got some BBQ so I considered it a success! Then we walked around tour for awhile until it was time for our ghost walk.

I had high hopes for this tour because Charleston is known for being a very haunted city due to all of the history of the city. We heard some good stories but it was more about the history of the city...which we had already heard on the previous tours.

We headed back to Myrtle Beach after the tour and got back around 11:00. We were completely wiped out and ready to crash!

Next up...Wilmington!!

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Maria said...

Kari, i LOVED your photos and hearing about the first part of your trip...Charleston looks amazing and beautiful.
i'm so happy you and jon enjoyed yourselves...it's great once you get back to the hotel and are tired...the good kinda tired where you know you're on vacation and can truly relax.
the shot of you on the boat is so pretty!
can't wait to read about your next destination.
i hope your week is going well and you enjoyed the weekend!