Friday, May 18, 2012

Let's Shake the Sand off the Sheets

Let's start this off with a little side story. Today at work, me and two of my other co-workers had a floor to ceiling display fall on us. True story. I think my favorite part was when one of my favorite guys that I work with (ah hell, my favorite) said in the most calm and serious we're all three under a pile of metal and wood, "Well, it's official. I'm mad now." hahahaha Bruised shoulder, chunk out of my thumb, and three bruises later-I survived with a funny story to tell. :)

I'd like to thank Youtube for giving me the WORST screen shots to choose from. hahahaha I look like a goofball in all of them but nonetheless enjoy these two videos. 

Hopefully they help you out when you're packing for vacation too!

I'll be spending the next week with my handsome husband beachin it, One Tree Hill'in it, and sightseein!

Have a GREAT week!!!

Big gulps, huh? Wellllp...CYA LATER!!

PS I'm giving a huge shoutout to my good friend Maria. Sending you lots of love!<3


Maria said...

I hope you and Jon have an amazing, relaxing and super fun getaway! I can't wait to see pictures and hear about it. You both deserve an amazing trip. I love your videos. And after seeing all the yummy food, I'm lying in bed hungry.
Thank you so much, Kari...for all you support and sweet thoughts and prayers. You're a wonderful friend.
I'm always praying for you and Jon. And am wishing you a beautiful week ahead, my friend.
Tons of love

Mariposa said...

being a huge OTH and dawson's creek fan myself, i just had to comment. i absolutely LOVE that you got a COB tee for your trip to wilmington! so so cute! i need a shirt for myself, and i definitely need my own trip to do some sightseeing! :]