Saturday, May 5, 2012

Do you know what I'm doing right now?

If you guessed watching old episodes of The'd be right!

But I was going with the OTHER thing I'm doing...finishing planning our vacation!!! We leave 2 weeks from TOMORROW!!!

Deciding where to go is always a two week or longer ordeal. We always throw around ideas and road trips. We thought about going to DC..then decided we wanted something more relaxing. We thought about going to Gatlinburg...and decided we would rather just take a long weekend in September and go. Disney World was out-we're going back there after we have our first little one! (Hopefully you know that's in like a year or 18 months from now!) We went to Myrtle Beach last year (see the posts here, here, and here!) and we loved it! We had so much fun and we still talk about it to this it was decided! But thanks to our LOVELY hotel experience, we switched it up!!

And we're going to Charleston and Wilmington for day trips (more on that later on in the week!).

Today I'm looking up information on restaurants, fun places to go, making a quick meal plan (We have a kitchen in our suite (SCOOOOREEE!) so we'll have breakfast and lunch at the hotel a few days.), and making our packing list.

Let the planning begin!!!

(PS. New Blogger-I'm giving you the middle finger right now.)


Dreams Do Come True said...

my fiance and I went to Charleston S.C. last year. I loved it!

we also go to Gatlinburg several times a year. We know the owner of a cabin rental company and have a friend who works at Dollywood so we get tickets for all those things.

Maria said...

Yay! That's so exciting! I've always wanted to go to Myrtle beach. You and Jon will have so much sounds like the perfect mix of things to do!
I've been praying for you both and sending good vibes your way!
Have a wonderful Sunday, pretty lady!

Maria said...

hey kari! i just thought of you...i've also giving the middle finger to blogger and realized that we could get the old blogger back for a bit. i went to the top right hand corner (where it is a button that kind of looks like a little circle/screw (idk, it probably doesn't look a thing like that) lol but it's on the main page, and when you click it, the options will drop down. there is one called "old blogger interface."
i clicked it and YAY got the old blogger back. they tell you at the top that it will only be available for a few more months, but hey, it made me happy! :)

i hope you're having a great week <3